Inbetween Properties

Bit embarrassing but my house has sold a lot quicker than I had anticipated. My broadband went live on the 21st April but the new owners will move in on 18th May. I will be moving in with a relative and I won’t be needing the broadband service until I have purchased a property myself. Can I suspend the service from the 18th and renew when I move in to my new property?

As far as I know @andy_parker the home move works if you have another property to go that requires the service to be transferred at no charge otherwise it has to be a disconnect and re-setup and connection charge applies again. :frowning:

There is currently no way to pause the service and to hold the account in limbo.

To disconnect you have to currently email in to the team on and I believe you have to fill in a form to confirm this.

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Can You Confirm this ??.

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Hi @andy_parker, at the moment we do not facilitate suspending the service when moving home. We only waive the second £60 setup fee if you take the connection with you without any gap in service.

The “Move Home” page on My Account would be the only option, however this would stop your existing connection the day after your new one goes live.