Incorrect PSK provided for network SSID 'Cuckoo_5GHz-5G'

Using my work laptop, two days running I have received the following error from Cisco AnyConnect (which handles WiFi connections, but I seldom use the VPN function): “Incorrect PSK provided for network SSID ‘Cuckoo_5GHz-5G’. Please reselect network and enter a valid PSK if permitted.” and takes me to the Cisco AnyConnect dialogue where the Key for the network is blank (I re-enter and all is well).
Seems to happen around 6 hours of booting/connecting the laptop.

I am trying the following (covers different root causes), so may have resolved.

  1. Delete the existing wireless network profile
  2. Restart your modem and router
  3. Manually connect to the wireless network
  4. Update your network driver

@MattJKing71 Why are you using Cisco AnyConnect and not the native windows wifi connectivity out of curiosity?

Hi @Kalimero It’s standard build from my employer.
Either it’s more secure or because it also has VPN. Either way, it overrides/stops use of the standard Windows WiFi connector.