Intermittent Connectivity

We’re having some issues with the internet in our place. For the most part it’s been great, but when we first started the contract and again over the past few weeks we’ve been experiencing problems with it disconnecting from time to time.

To be more specific, the router itself remains online but the status and internet indicators turn red.

I have performed a factory reset and tried powering down the router a few times now but this doesn’t seem to have resolved the issue. I suspect there’s something else going on but I’m not sure how to diagnose it to say for sure.

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Hi @bradsharp, are you able to drop us an email, We would like to look in to this further as this does not sound normal.

What you are reporting potentially sounds like a loose joint/cable in the cabinet or exchange that causes a fluctuation in current. This can cause intermittent connections or complete outages.



I hate loose joints…