Internet connection lost

Hi, we lost our internet connection last night and have been unable to reconnect. We have tried everything on the help page. The broadband light is green but the internet light keeps flashing red.
I have tried the live chat and replied to the email it generated but received no response. There is no phone number.
I am running out of data and hope someone on here can advise me what to do next.
Thank you.

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Hiya @stevekellie

Thats not good im letting @oliver know as soon as possible to run a line check that sounds like an Authentication issue from what your describing.

The Cuckoo Teams Phone number to store in your phone for reference is 0203 389 7211 so save your data allowance

Hi Steve

I have responded to your email at 10:08am - can you please check your junk email inbox as it may have landed there.

It appears to be an issue with an Openreach line and we have asked them to investigate this.


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Thank you both for responding.
I have been checking my inbox and junk all morning but nothing has come through and this was at work where I had internet access.
Could you possibly send the email again please?

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Hey @stevekellie

Thank Goodness for Work Internet access.

Please dont tell me @jake is despatching an engineer while your at work

No, at home now, bring moaned at by family who can’t do school work!


Hi @stevekellie

Ahh the joys of having a young family to scream at you.

I know its not ideal especially in lockdown but hopefully they will get back to you quickly as I know some of there emails to customers do go into the junk/spam boxes quite often so it may be worth adding all cuckoo emails to a “white list” so they get delivered to your inbox instead of spam

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We’re on it @stevekellie. When I was little I too would have been quite irrate…

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I thought you were still little @Alex …well under 5ft that is ??? :laughing:

New router arrived and connection restored. Thanks everyone for your help, especially Oliver.

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Hiya @stevekellie

Im so glad to hear this has resolved your issue and im sure @Oliver will have a smile on his face too when he reads this.

Any time you need the team just Cuckoo Call or Holla at the top of your voice (or just post on here) and they’ll find you.