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Hi there,

My partner and I moved into a new flat yesterday. I received a text to say our internet had gone live just after 7pm last night but we are yet to have any internet. Is there sometimes a delay? I’ve tried everything possible myself and what’s suggested on the support pages but we’ve had no joy. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m making my way through my mobile data quite rapidly at the moment!


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Good Morning @jdc26 & Welcome to the Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

Sorry to Hear This :frowning:

Im tagging @oliver & @jake into this message to jump on this quickly for you.

Normally when you receive the status update text message its to let you know that the switch/activation of the line has completed.

Have you plugged a standard home phone into the Master Socket in your flat yet and do you have a Dial Tone Noise at this point.

If not have you got the Router plugged into the Master Socket or with the supplied microfilter and whats the status of the Lights on the Top ???

There is normally a 30 minute delay from the point of the router being plugged in after this text message to setup the internet account correctly but this can take anything up to midnight on the Activation Day (which has now passed)

As it may not still be live yet what
you can do is if you have mobile data can you send an email to so they can run through some tests with you and check the line.

If not please can you call the Cuckoo Team on 0203 389 7211 to let them know.

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Thanks for your reply!

Sorry to waste peoples time but it’s literally just come on now, not sure what triggered that but all is well now!

Thank you for your help


Hi @jdc26, we sometimes see a slight delay on this, however the issue usually resolves itself within 24 hours.

When I completed line diagnostics, it reset the connection and assigned you an IP address. As a result, you are now online!

Happy internetting,



Hiya @jdc26 (Joe)

Your not wasting anyones time at all so please dont think that as thats what this community is designed for to let everyone help each other.

We are all real people here and not robots although the verdict is still out on me (long story).

Anything the community can do just let us know :smiley:

Looks like Super @oliver saved you today :superhero:

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Sorry chaps I’ve been flat out working the last couple of days!

The internet has been working perfectly since @Oliver sorted it on Tuesday. We’re both very pleased!

Thanks very much for your help in getting the issue sorted so quickly!

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