Internet not working


My go live date was yesterday. Engineer visited and connected lines. Internet not working. Restarted and also do soft/hard resets, and still not working


Hi @hendym2014 . Just replied back to your email. We’re aiming to get an engineer around ASAP to sort this out. We’ll update you on developments via that email chain.

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Hiya @hendym2014 (Hendramoorthy) & Welcome To The Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

I Dont Know How This Happened :eyes: @alex rarely gets to these posts quicker than me but rest assured if hes on the case then your in good hands to find out whats delaying your activation even after your openreach visit to install the line normally the line would have had to have been prepared before your activation day to make sure it was ready for you with the order on it.

So keep an eye on your email for ticket updates to this and also check your junk/spam email box incase the reply gets misdelivered there.

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Hi @hendym2014 I can see a few emails from you and have sent troubleshooting steps on one of them. We can see no fault on the line so the troubleshooting steps will fix this.


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Hi Alex,

I’ve a same problem as hendym2014 had. Yesterday, I received an email regarding my broadband is live, but there’s no internet connection. I tried every possible reconnecting technic, but nothing has worked. I reported my problem yesterday, but I’ve not received any response or help from the team yet.

Hiya @alexa and Welcome To The Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :hatching_chick:

While this is not what the team like to hear at all or me as a community member it is possible that there is a backlog of tickets and while that is no excuse please be assured that they are actively working through them as fast as they can and they might just not have got to your ticket yet.

Im guessing that you emailed to report your issue and to create your ticket.

Have you checked your Junk/Spam Folder on your email as I’ve been seeing service annoucements from the team going in there a lot for some strange reason.

Im tagging @jake & @oliver into this thread and I’ll see if I can wake @tommy up from his slumber of digital paperwork.

Dont worry im positive that the team will get to you In due course and find out why your connection hasnt gone live…it could be something external that requires Openreach’s attention.

Just for curiosity on my part…when you plug a telephone into your master socket do you have a dialtone or not and can you make a call ??

You should have gone live anytime up to midnight on the day of connection but as this has gone past the timescale set the team need to investigate AND im sorry this hasnt been addressd yet.

@Alexa are you able to drop me a message on here for us to look in to? I am unable to find a user with your surname on the system.


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Thanks, Alexa. I will look in to this and reply within the next 10 minutes.

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Your in good hands now @alexa with @Oliver looking into this as I just spoke with the team on your behalf.

Just for future reference putting full email addresses on a public community are a security risk to yourself just like if you give your password to someone for another service to help you out so while the team and i caught it quickly this is why you cant see that post on here as they removed it.

Also please email in from your Cuckoo Account email address as it makes it easier to find your details on the system and avoids any future delays.

Other than that Thanks for Alerting The Team to this issue.

Thank you. I’ve just received your email and I did reply.

Sorry to bother you again @Oliver, but have you found any solution for our issue?

Welcome To The Cuckoo Community @ates !!! :smiley: :egg:

Based on this User Id I’m guessing your the partner that @alexa mentioned and not a seperate customer with an issue. :question:

I see a previous reply was removed by alexa but thats ok as long as we are on the right track now.

Hopefully Oliver has replied to you with a solution since your last post
If not let me know and I’ll see what I can find out.