Introduce Yourself!

OK Now That I Have Got Your Attention To Look Inside :smiley:

This Topic Is Basically an “Introduce Yourself” Post aimed at seeing who is active in the community and interacting and who are just Lurkers (people who just sit & watch & read) to come and say “Hi”

So Leave a Little Post Below and say “Who You Are” and what you enjoy just so other community members can feel comfortable here.

We are all Real People After Better Broadband & Other Things While This Cuckoo Journey Starts so lets Shape This Community Like No Other Company Has !!


I like this! But perhaps a change of title to “Introduce Yourself Here” might be better? We can then get this sent to everyone new who joins the community?

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As You Requested Edits have been made @Alex !!

What do you think now,anything else you’d like added,tell me while i can edit it. :smiley:

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@alex it might be worth Pinning this topic/post to the top of the “general chat” list before it gets lost in other posts as they get added also delete our edit comments from underneath…what do you think ??

@PhantomR1982 pinned topic FOREVER!


Okay, I’ll bite and go first.

Hello, I’m David :wave:t3: I work for a technology company called Automattic, who own, amongst other things. My job is as a Support Engineer - think a cross between a developer and customer support - for WordPress VIP (think WordPress websites for big enterprise companies like New York Post, Facebook and The Sun). The company is entirely remote - it has no offices - and I work from home (so this lockdown malarky hasn’t affected me too much). So, for me, my internet connection is important (and why you’ll find me here asking awkward questions to Alex about using my own hardware, etc.).

As is pretty much the norm for anyone involved in technology, I like my gadgets. I also enjoy a good film too.

I live in Nottingham with my wife (who’s a teaching assistant), youngest daughter and 2 cats. My eldest is all grown up and lives with her fiancee, both of whom are comic-book artists.


Oh cool. I went to university in Nottingham. Studied Biochemistry though not using it much at the moment…

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Well thats quite an impressive resume if i do say so myself @dartiss

@Alex Chemical reactions and keeping humans in order is both biological and chemical (biochemistry) so you are using it by running a company and keeping the team in order even though you dont realise it…just dont create that Cuckoo shaped eggsplosive to put near other isp’s offices that hatches little gremlins to disrupt there network and bringing there customers over to Cuckoo !!

Thanks. Maybe it just sounds more impressive than it is :wink:


Hi, I’m Bobby! Interested to learn more about you lot. :sunglasses:


Welcome Bobby! What are doing while in lockdown? For me its a case of: do a run, do emails, do food. Rinse and repeat :smile:

Welcome @Bobby87 To The Cuckoo Community,Ask Away Im Sure You’ll Fit In Just Nicely Here !!!

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Hi I’m Danny and I’m from Glasgow :wave:

I’m a call handler in Glasgow, Studied Cyber Security, Technical Support and Customer Service in College, and I’m always up for a laugh, heard about cuckoo through Twitter and I can’t wait to go live and finally bin the BT Hub :+1:


Heya Danny! Cool you studied Cyber Security. :male_detective:‍♂


Thanks, I wish I studied a bit more but loved every second, we done a case study on Equifax when they had their breach.


Hey :wave:t2: I’m Jack, based up in Leeds!

I work in the social & community team at Monzo, which essentially means I send out gifs a lot!

Love anything to do with data, politics and social media, studying an MA in social media & social research :bar_chart:

I’m really interested to see how Cuckoo takes on the old broadband industry!


Welcome @Danny To The Cuckoo Community,

Sorry Its a Bit Late however it seems you have met @Alex in my absence.
You have quite a varied skillset that can always come in handy in any enviroment this day and age,

Hopefully in time there will be loads of laughs around these parts to keep you entertained :wink:


Hey PhantomR1982,

Thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile: Im thinking about maybe going back and furthering some of the studying. Looking forward to getting to know everyone and chilling out and having a laugh.

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