IPv6 and capacity

I don’t want to be rude about our present Internet provider because the line and account belong to business premises below where we live, and we have a good working relationship with the people downstairs.

So much so that I maintain the online shop in my spare time and we’re always buying each other beers and sharing cooking between our families. All is good.

But the ISP, on this High Street in a county town in the south-east of England, is a bit rubbish.

There’s no fibre capacity so we’re 9.8MBit/s download, 560kBit/s upload.

It’s not good when the guy downstairs is leading his Zoom class in jewellery, I’m teaching my students or uploading my music compositions, and my wife is winning at poker while watching Netflix. There’s no native IPv6 so I have a Linux box as my internal gateway to a Hurricane Electric tunnel.

And, when they asked me to change the router to their own “to be sure the slow speed wasn’t our fault” we lost all the advanced facilities of our previously-installed router and its powerful WiFi, though a firmware update has at least allowed us internal static IP. But I still can’t access it from the outside world.

So I’m not being rude, but this is the third decade of the 21st century and it’s more than 50 years since we put people on the Moon.

Sky and BT both offer fibre to the cabinet at this address. Can Cuckoo do that, too? How flexible is the Cuckoo-supplied router? And is there IPv6?

A picture of our setup would be boring but its SSID is “Local Network for Local People”.

Thanks for reading this far.



Welcome To The Cuckoo Community @John Warburton.

Well that was a great read and i like your honesty :grinning:
And keeping good company with the business owner downstairs
so i love this community spirit which seems lost in many places these days.

First Let Me Start by saying that from what you’ve stated you have a Standard DSL Connection with speeds like that and not a Fibre (FTTC) Connection From Your Nearest Connection Point,You did mention that SKY & BT Offer Fibre so there shouldn’t be any issue with you having your own connection installed seperately as all lines are Owned/Operated by OpenReach and the Internet Provider Just Rents It.

If you would like The Cuckoo Team to run a check on the Connection points in your
area then please Dont Hesitate To email your details across to hello@cuckoo.co and
someone will get back to you within Working Hours with a potential Speed Estimate.

If Your Interested Then Please Do Register for Early Access as theres Some Codes
Going Out Next Week.

However as The Community is always Open someone will be around to help out.

You can also run your own check using the Offical DSL/Connection Checker Below and it will show you what products are available or not…Most Providers use this for checks but they also have different systems this one is just simpler for the End User (Customers/Us).


Pop your details into this page above and it will show you what your connection point can offer down a OpenReach Line and if you dont have one this can be arranged but there will be a charge for the New Line install which can be given to you on the email address or if one of the team replys here.

Its always best to have your own line rather than a “Shared” line and most connection points
can have a minimum of two lines installed for a domestic property with others added if needed.

So basically if Fibre Is Available Then Yes Cuckoo should be able to Supply You…but it will depend on the Cabinets Speeds/Pole nearest you and with only a 1 month only rolling contract your Not Tied In like most providers.

The Cuckoo Router Specs are Below from a third party website but should give you the details you need its not a cheep (see what i did there) Moddm/Router like other providers use.


ISP’S Do get you to use there tech as its there own Hardware and model they are trained to understand and not any third party routers like your other setup you mentioned so they cant advise or control your own hardware thats why they got you to check with there own equipment.

Most Modern Modem/Routers Do Support IPV6 but im a IPV4 Fan but im not sure if many providers offer this at present as its still early days.

I do like Your SSID Name Though. :smiley:

Also It Sounds like there is Blocked Ports/Options in there Router to restrict your setup from functioning correctly but there should be an option to override the DHCP And Input Your Static IP Details ?? So it might be worth looking through there routers advanced settings from its login pages.

Cuckoo Do Agree that Broadband Is Broken and this is why they want to change things.

Thanks For Getting To The End Of My Ramble If You Got This Far.:joy:

Thank you for replying.

Just out of interest, here’s what the BT checker says. There seems to be VDSL here (and my neighbours have it) — the existing ADSL provider tells me that there isn’t sufficient capacity that their particular company has booked to the nearest cabinet to make a FTTC connection available.

The company won’t give a date for any future improvements (which I suppose is commercially sensitive information). But, from this data, can Cuckoo and other ISPs leap-frog the existing company’s lack of capacity?

The ADSL2+ speeds are in our ball-park, though the upload is a little more than a third of what this table claims is possible.

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Hiya @John Warburton

There should be more than enough Capacity on that Connection Point Screenshot that you have provided and based on this image i would say your VDSL (Fibre) Capacity should be fine it could just be the adsl provider either doesnt want you to leave them or doesnt want to spend the money to get you a slot on the fibre circuits in the cabinet and on some occasions it is a case of waiting for someone to disconnect there fibre line for you to take it…but OpenReach do add capacity all the time to make sure as many people can get a fibre connection as possible as this will be the future going down the FTTP Route (A Cable coming direct to your home) from the local exchange mentioned at the top of the screenshot you cropped out.

Definitely send an email over to @Alex on the email address i provided above and let him look into further options for you…as the results at the top of the chart say you should be able to achieve the up to 80mbps connection with an up to 20mbps upload package but i cant see any bridge taps or anything that would cause lower speed issues at this point…on the homepage of Cuckoo.co the average speed is 67mbps that users can obtain on the set package but you should be at the top end of this…other issues can cause
things at a later date however but lets hope not.

I am jealous at your speed output though as its similar to the Connection point across the road from me
which i cant get connected to and im connected a bit further away and can only achieve 40mb/7mb.
But still if capacity can be added/requested by an ISP to OpenReach its in there favour for retaining
customer loyalty in my eyes.

Hi John. Pop an email to hello@cuckoo.co and we’ll look into it

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