Issues with go live

Hi, I received my live email/text on 14th APR with mentioning go live 15th Apr and I have plugged in the router on 15th and started it up.
The ‘status’ light remains - red
The 2 wireless lights are - green
And the wireless on/off light - is not active.

Brodband is disconnected with message Your router is in automatic set-up mode.

Please follow the set-up guide provided by your ISP to connect the MediaAccess TG589vac v2 to your Broadband service!

I belive there is issue with plugging in phone as I can see only coaxial cables(copper) and can’t plugin those to microfilter.

Can you help please? I have sent email to with snaps

Hiya @Kishor and Welcome to the Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

Thats not what the Community or Team like to hear at all :frowning_face:
DO YOU @Becca @Oliver @Alex @jake @Tommy ???

Normally when you receive the Go Live Day Text this means the service has been activated on the openreach socket coming into your property and if you dont have one then the engineer would have been arranged to come and install you one but as this has passed this is why i have tagged the team above to look into it.

emailing the team will create a support ticket to get this looked into as well so thanks for letting the team know this way as well.

if you wish to post your image here as well i’ll see if i can help you via the forum however it seems you mentioned co-axial connectors which would sound like a non-openreach Master Socket Connection eg…Virgin Media