Issues with going live


Hope you can help. My line was due to go live with Cuckoo yesterday from Sky. The line is still yet to switch over. I haven’t received any confirmation and the sky router is still currently plugged in as when I switch the routers, it fails to connect…
Is there anything I could do to assist the process or is it just a case of waiting for it to switch over?
I had the Sky router unplugged for most of yesterday but unfortunately I need to WFH today so I am just occasionally rebooting it.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hiya @mhdkfam (Mike) & Welcome To The Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

If your Go Live Date has Passed I would definitely contact the team @Becca & @Oliver & also email in to to see what the current status is with your transfer.

Normally your Existing Provider release the line so that your New Provider can take over with there provision so the fact you haven’t heard from the system to say your service has gone live may just be one of a few scenarios.

Sky and OpenReach Provisions normally disconnect the service where TalkTalk Based Providers can in some cases take over the connection profile… don’t worry if this is confusing you it’s Mumbo Jumbo to even the best support agent.

The earlier the team know about any issue the quicker they can act on it.

Hope this Helps.

Hey Mike. Just ping a line and we’ll get on it. You should have got a text message on the day of go live