Junk mail issue

Hi Team!

Looking forward to “joining the flock” when my switchover happens in a couple of weeks.

The signup process was pretty smooth from my end, I would’ve liked an earlier switch date but from what I understand this is a limitation of OpenReach.

One issue I have had is that every email I’ve received (from the early bird “hello” email through to my direct debit notifications and even the sign-up confirmation email for this forum) has been passed to my Junk box. I’ve added the senders to my contacts so this shouldn’t be an issue going forward, but given that each of these emails has come from a different sender it can be hard to keep track. (for reference this is a hotmail/Outlook account)

Just some feedback! Otherwise great service so far.


Hi Jack. And welcome to the forum!

We’re aware of this issue and have just bought an IP Address associated with our email system so that they don’t get sent to spam. We’re also going to try and keep the sender consistent.

As a team we’re doing a big review of all email comms we send customers this week to really iron out these issues.


Hiya @JackHBM & Welcome To The Cuckoo Community !! :egg: :smiley:

I will agree with you on this point as it isnt just you with the “Junk” / Spam Mail issue
i’ve been seeing it happen quite a bit as well on my side where most of my community
notifications go straight to the junk folder this even included the original early access
code emails.

Im using Yahoo based systems on this side so it detects things differently to
outlook/hotmail hopefully when the team associate the IP Address to the
mail server this should help avoid this.

Again I Do Agree with you & @alex on simplifying the outgoing email
send addresses,So Thanks For Bringing It To The Teams Attention.

2 weeks is a long time to wait for a transfer i know but the Openreach Infrastructure
is a strange miserable beast that the team will try and tame in the future to make it
work quicker.

Thanks Again !!!


Thanks @Alex and @PhantomR1982 for the welcome! As I said, really looking forward to joining, especially after several painful years at BT.

Loving the idea of this community so far, and thanks for taking the time to reply :slight_smile: