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I’m in the middle of filling out the subscription form, I’ve had options for a personalised SSID but nothing regarding a static IP and now I’m at the direct debit screen. How do I go about paying the extra £1/mo for the static? I’m pretty sure I’ve read that statics are available somewhere on these boards.

Also can someone tell me the current make and model of router/modem that will be delivered please? I want to Google it! :grinning:

Also with the usual domestic ISPs they don’t allow SMTP out the door, are you guys the same? I’m not planning on running mail servers but just curious!

Sorry for the questions I’m a network engineer by trade who is out of contract with Virgin Media and found yourselves after Googling! :grinning:



Good Evening @shaun & Welcome to the Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

The Team seem to be OK…but i personally do keep them all on there toes during the day :hear_no_evil:

Please be aware that we use the “Openreach” Network To Supply Cuckoo Services and they require a landline installed at the property to receive Cuckoo Services if they are Available in your Area.

You can check this at :-

Main homepage using your postcode @


The Official Openreach Checker :-

As you said that you are half way though the setup form you have noticed that the add-ons
are not currently on this setup process i think
that day the team ran out of tea/coffee & Rich Tea Biscuits and just forgot to finish it.

After your services go live and your Cuckoo Account is Created normally within 14 Working Days from the team processing your order you will be assigned a Default Dynamic IP Address on activation day.

You will then have to send in an email to the team using hello@cuckoo.co or by making a swift phonecall during Working Hours on this
Link Here Contact Cuckoo and ask for the Static IP service to be added manually.

Given time the Cuckoo Web Team will most probably integrate this into the live account system to be done online at the customers leisure but this will take a bit of time to do (and Biscuits)

As For the Router that is supplied thats an easy one its a TECHNICOLOR DWA0120 and all its specs are on the link below from a third party site.


With regards to the SMTP as cuckoo dont offer an email address to customers like most Traditional ISP’S do for account purposes i guess
if you have your own SMTP details and hosted externally then the port number shouldnt be blocked by default unless the router has this done by default but it should be open to all data traffic but i have heard of a few occurances where other isps have blocked this but not one yet on the cuckoo side.

If theres any other queries shoot them across and one of the team will reply…im just the one thats awake at silly hours if i reply.

@PhantomR1982 many biscuits will be required :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

And welcome @shaun! Great to have an ex Virgin Media customer in the nest. We wish we could wholesale off the cable network in the future. I’ve heard whisperings in the industry that Liberty Global might be opening it up. Though that might be their PR department might just be on manoeuvres…

Hope you have a great time. :+1:

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Well you’ll have to setup a Team Shopping List then @Alex for treats required for excellent productivity.

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