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Hey all!

So my broadband journey… I’ve been with quite a few different providers whilst I’ve lived in this apartment over the last 11 years. Started with Be Broadband (anyone remember those!?), then moved over to Plusnet once they had been bought out. Had some issues with Plusnet which they couldn’t resolve, so moved over to Vodafone, as I think at the time they were one of the few providers incorporating the landline cost in the “broadband” cost.

Then I played a bad card - found out I could get Three 5G Home Broadband in the signal coverage here (also am with Three for my mobile, always get great 5G coverage at home). So I took the leap away from fixed line broadband. All was well for about a week, and then issues. Weird issues. Strange routing issues that made no sense, which Three still maintain isn’t their issue even after two Huawei 5G CPE Pro devices. I managed to get round these strange routing issues with a combination of using VPNs and also trying to do all sorts of MTU value changes on devices in front of their router (all of which worked for a bit to some extent, but were too ‘hacky’ when you just want things to work). I think the most annoying thing has been when some local device can’t connect or the TV refuses to let any streaming services work, all is resolved perfectly by tethering from my phone, again which runs over Three’s 5G. Massive head-scratching for around 6 months…

…and now back to fixed line VDSL with Cuckoo. Go-live date was today, and I’m already connected and all is looking good again. No more 9-year-old telling me his Internet is completely broken every other day hopefully!

So… as great as I think 5G is for home broadband, it’s possibly just a bit too early and ahead of its time right now it seems, which is a shame as it was getting me close to 700Mbps down and around 60Mbps up on a good day, but either Three’s routing or some strange Huawei router compatibility basically ruined everything.

I’m still with Three for the home broadband as well, but currently trying to escape a 2-year contract - they wanted £400 of me upfront to get out, even with the numerous issues I’ve had.

I’m just hoping for an easier life with Cuckoo now to be honest, and if all goes well I’ll definitely consider some FTTP as soon as we move somewhere where it’s possible to get it (I probably can on this street, but not sure how it would work with the building landlord and that, probably too much hassle to sort…)

So that’s me. Sorry for the massive essay, but feels good to get that out…


Just an update for anyone who cares…

Must’ve annoyed Three so much with my constant calling (even with a call to Huawei themselves, who basically said Three’s network is to blame for the issues), that Three have decided to end my contract now free of charge, saving me around £400. Success!

Oh, and everything is working absolutely perfect with Cuckoo so far on day one - no “compatibility” issues with anything which I’ve been having with the Huawei router over the past 6 months…

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Hi Andy,

Thanks for your messages and I am sorry these weren’t picked up at the time. I am so pleased that you have been happy with Cuckoo so far and also that you have escaped the contract with Three.

Cuckoo will be launching FTTP soon and if its available in your area I’d be happy to run through what it would entail to help you re-assure your landlord and enable you to be able to get that type of connection.