Just Received Internet

My internet router is red.

Anytime I connect to the router, it comes back to me with Contact your Network ISP

I will be cancelling my subscription, doing a chargeback and reporting your service to ofcom and putting a negative review on trustpilot as a result now.

Hi @mikaeel, our forum is often used for peer support, with the team providing occasional input. Apologies this has not been picked up sooner.

As you have advised you are still having this issue, we would advise checking our help centre and either phoning in or dropping us a message via the help form. I have just emailed you steps on how to hopefully resolve this issue in the home as all tests show this is a problem in the home environment rather than the connection itself.


Hiya @mikaeel & Welcome To The Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

Firstly Let Me Apologise as while I’m normally the first person you’ll hear from on this side of the Cuckoo Support Teams on this occasion I did see your message but I was struggling to keep my eyes open while I was trying to reply to you and couldnt reply properly in my usual timescales.

So I will take responsibility and hold my hands up on this occasion for this as a failure on my part to communicate.

Are You Still Having Issues after One of the Cuckoo team members sent you email advice on what to check.

Let the team know either by replying to the email you were sent or reply to this post so it can be looked into further before considering the Bad Review on TrustPilot Or Chargeback from your Bank as with many Internet providers you have to give them a chance to resolve things before Ofcom can get involved.

The Team is small at present But They Do Actually Care about there customers unlike many other providers that just keep you hanging and send you in circles.

Hope This Helps !!!