Lights all green but not internet :(

Unable to connect to internet, all lights are green.
I only have 1 new port installed using the microfilter.
Unable to connect any additional cables to try without the filter as none suitable supplied.
Also cant find gateway

Any help warmly welcomed.

Morning mate -

I assume your service has gone live already. Is your microfilter connected to your BT master socket or an extension? If its the latter, can you try plugging the microfilter & modem to your BT master socket.

Secondly - are you using the cuckoo supplied router or your own?

Hi Kalimero,
Yeah I’ve had the microfilter with the Cuckoo router in both master and extension sockets.
Still not receiving any internet…
However the modem shows all green lights on both sockets…

OK - telephone line working? Have you plugged a phone into the master socket and seen if there’s a dialtone?

Has the internet ever worked?

If this is your first time trying, and you are sure the service has started - can you check to see if the cuckoo username & password displayed on your account page matches what is on the cuckoo router? I’m unsure of how they are deployed (it should be automated) but thats the first thing I can think off if the service is indeed operating correctly.

It could also be a socket or router issue, do you have another VDSL modem handy to test with that too? If nothing works please email to get further help from the support team.

The connection has landed.
At approximately 2100hrs 20/06/21 I was able to use the internet.
Many thanks for all the help from those involved.

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