Load balancing with multi-link PPP authentication

Sorry for this slightly technical question.

The idea: Fritzbox 7583 synchronised with two xDSL lines, requiring one PPP session authentication (done with multi-link PPP). Does Cuckoo support this, or is it always the case that you can only have single authentication PPP sessions?

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I am going to watch this - I have Cisco kit that will bond 4 lines but I found for each one I had to use ruddy BTO Modems ( remember those?) so I am looking at these routers. I had one free with Zen but sent it back when I cancelled the order. This was before I came here

Cisco typically does proper bonding [router at remote end and router at local end that synchronise a pool of channels] - it is more effective but is aimed at businesses and you can’t really do it in a home without having lots of equipment. Pros are: not so huge monthly cost, but cons are massive upfront equipment charges.

Load balancing is like I stated above, two DSL lines synchronising over one PPP connection. I think OR kit has the ability, but this method of doing things is not common in the UK. It’s very popular on the mainland. For example in. Cyprus, if they quote you 40, but you get 32, they’ll come and load balance your line until you get 40 (at no extra cost to you as a consumer).

The closest I’ve found in the uk is AAISP, where they give you X amount of lines, a load balancing router (Firebrick I believe), and they support the configuration. Starting at £200 a month, I simply can’t justify burning through that amount of cash in the pursuit of an extra 20-30 meg.

I have balanced 3 lines on a TP-Link balancer before - it’s totally common

Yes maybe for folk with their own equipment & the technical knowhow/interest. I’ve still yet to find an ISP that supports native xDSL bonding, at least not to the technicalities I’m looking at. One box, two lines and a single PPP authentication. Like they do in mainland Europe more than the UK.

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Well I am sure we will sort it. I am also looking for the same solution - although AA do it £200 setup and £200 a month is way too much

A few places will rent you a Firebrick FB2900 for £22 a month… Just a suggestion.

Hi Pete, thanks for the suggestion. I checked in an AA and can see they do this for around the price you suggested. Although really what I’m looking for is a simple enough setup and connection for consumer use, I don’t want to end up having to have a rack or anything, by having multiple modems and load balancing or seperate routers. I know I should be supporting British, but I really do swear by Fritzbox they have been making some of the most reliable equipment for the last decade and beyond in my extremely biased opinion, and since I already have a small holding of these it doesn’t make sense to abandon.

No problem, I re read and it seems they do this for AA lines only - They make them I think.

Which Fritzbox is the best then? The one you posted above? Zen give these with their service so must be something to them I suppose. They are about £130 to buy I think which is fine with me if it will do the job. My current kit needs BTO modems so it’s obsolete now ( and was about £150 anyway)

Hi Pete,

I think you’re referring to a Fritz 7530, which is good enough for what most people will need it to do. And I’m not going into other ISPs offerings because it’s unfair on Cuckoo, but lets just say, there is no point pairing a FritzRepeater 3000 with a 7530 because the repeater has higher wifi speed capability than the router!

Personally, I use a 7590 because it has the ability to use an analogue phone line for making calls. The router (and the 7530) has a DECT base built in, so I can control all my calls, contact lists etc from the router. It makes life simple. And yes I’m old fashioned in the sense I still prefer to use a landline to make calls at home than a mobile.

The 7581/2/3 are the bonding modems. Very pricey at about £300, but the 7583 has G.Fast bonding built in as well as backwards compatibility. But where these routers are fantastic in Europe is because a lot of CP’s support the subject of this post. Not in the UK, seems to be a lot less flexibility - although G.Fast is really a non starter now, and its development and deployment was a complete waste of money.

If you want the best mesh system, get yourself a Fritz 7530 and pair it with a FritzRepeater 2400 (although you will need a europlug converter) or you can get the Fritz Repeater 3000 with a UK plug for another £30 usually on known big selling website.

My main reason why I like Fritz products is because I can see things like the picture

and get really nerdy with settings and statistics.

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Thanks for that -I won’t need the repeater - I only use wifi in 1 maybe 2 rooms - all within reach - also why is it unfair to Cuckoo? I don’t see how talking about what other providers give you puts them at any disadvantage - they chose what to give out - and even now it seems to be hit and miss as to what you do actually get. However the Fritz 7530 IS what others provide as I have said

Sorry but I think that’s taking things a bit too far

Also I don’t need phone ports as I have a physical phone line still - Even when I moved from my old place to this place with Sky I lost the VOIP bit as apparently it’s not compatible around here, so I had to have a traditional line activated

The forum is designed for support with Cuckoo’s services, and I wouldn’t want to be putting anything on here which could 1) detract from that and 2) be advertising or highlighting alternative commercial offerings in direct competition with their business model. There are other forums for that.

For that reason, I’m going to bow out, and I hope one of the team can answer my original question in the thread.

Okay - show me 1 forum where EVERY post is ONLY about the service it’s based on - and I will admit you are right.

But I know you can’t - but okay let’s see what happens as I am waiting to push the button on another line and need to know what kit to get. I don’t want or need another router from them as it would be useless.

Hi both,

As our network authenticates through a single link PPP authentication session using the credentials we give or flash onto our Technicolor routers, load balancing using multi-link PPP wouldn’t be achievable unfortunately.

The full network authentication (RADIUS) we complete at the network level only communicates with one single session at a time.

Let me know if you guys have any other questions - I’ll be happy to assist further.



Thanks Jake,

That’s unfortunately me out getting another line with you then and binding them together. Shame but I hope in the future that might change.

@PeteC You are still able to have a second copper-pair line installed and have cuckoo run over that. Will require two modems so not as neat as the OP’s initial request but you can loadbalance that all you want :slight_smile:

I have software to do it - but I do need to see if this hardware Fritzbox can do it. The kit I have as I said before needs BTO modems to do it

Hi Edd. @gouledw

In the end I have gone for someone else who is doing 3 FTTC lines and a Firebrick for £108 a month. I’ll be leaving Cuckoo and migrating my line across to them to make up the 2 - having 2 new lines put in in about a weeks time.

All the best

@PeteC Out of curiosity; what benefits has this 3rd party provider provided that would beat taking out 3 lines with Cuckoo. From a price-point of view; its £90 vs £108 p/m and I assume the provider ties you into some manner of a contract vs a 30day period with Cuckoo.

Just interested in the pros vs cons :slight_smile:

I wish you good luck on your quest (and it is just that a quest) on finding the right balance of everything for your needs.

I have resigned to the fact that in order to achieve what I want (a one box ‘bonding’ solution), there are either going to be prohibitive costs involved, or technical limitations I don’t really want to accept.

I am exploring though about the gigabit vouchers (as the Scottish government provides up to £6500 in vouchers), for my property, but given the cabinet is on waiting list somewhat, and speed predictions are 12-29mb, there will be a lot of hoops to jump through.

I may even go back to dial up.