Loss of internet - phone lines close at 5pm

Account was set up on the 5th July. Internet was operating as advertised until today (12th July) approximately 5pm. Hard reset of router and troubleshooting followed. Still no Internet; Red light on the router.

No notice of service disruption or prior warning of outage.

The Cuckoo phone lines are closed.

All help from the community appreciated, is this usual service, how/when I can resume service?

Hello @Hawkin8r,

I’d suggest emailing hello@cuckoo.co. There is sometimes someone on there after the phone lines have closed [although probably not at this time of night].

Can you put into your search bar, to go to the router settings page. Should bring up a page like this:

Can you let me know the status of the Broadband and Internet access icons. Please do not post any user information or IP addresses.

Finally, just to add. I understand your concern about the opening times, however Openreach are only open 8am to 6pm for Service provider support, so outside of these hours if there is a network fault, Cuckoo cannot get hold of Openreach.

I will try and help you as much as I can, but please email in to the Cuckoo support team so they have your ticket there in the system.

Hi @gouledw

Thank you for the support. Logged in, the broadband is stated as disconnected.

I have as suggested sent an email to the address on the help pages.

The router appears operational; the Wi-Fi operates at both frequencies.


Spoke with Cuckoo when lines opened at 9am. They have stated there is a fault on the line and will instruct Openreach.

Openreach have a service level agreement with Cuckoo of 48hours for a repair.

Cuckoo recommended I use my mobile internet until a repair is complete. There is no loss of service provision. (BT global hotspots/WiFi for instance)

Hi @Hawkin8r,

I’m sorry to hear that your line has a fault, especially since it was working when provisioned. You are in the best hands now though.

If you think this is an area where Cuckoo can improve, the team are always looking for suggestions to improve Cuckoo’s offering. There is an entire forum subject about it here.

Standard service repair times for Openreach are ‘end of day after next’, so your fault was reported today, Openreach will aim to fix by end of Thursday. If it interests you then you can read this document as it contains a lot of information relating to your point.