Mesh routers, bridge mode and powerline adaptors


Apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere. I’m considering buying a mesh set up to manage the wifi distribution around the house. I’ve read the (very helpful) post about how to set this up with the existing cuckoo supplied modem/router and it’s well within my capability to do it. I’ve one question though.

I have a PC connected to the outside world via a LAN connection provided through powerline adaptors. Am I right in assuming that switching our current (cuckoo supplied) router into bridge mode would disable all LAN ports except the one being used to provide the bridge to the mesh router? Or even if it didn’t, it wouldn’t be advisable to continue to provide a LAN feed from port 2/3 down the PL adaptor?

I’m meanwhile looking into whether it’s possible to get a feed from the mesh router into the PL adaptor be it directly or through a switch, which might be the better solution regardless. Appreciate that might not be something you can comment on but if you do have any experience you’re willing to share I’d be grateful for it.



Most mesh units will have more than one Ethernet port. Is it not possible you can put the Ethernet cable from the cuckoo router in bridge mode into the mesh device and then use the other spare port for the powder line adapters and the computer?

What devices are you thinking of using for your mesh solution?

Hi @gouledw,

That’s the plan really. I just wanted to rule out being able to still run the PCs connection out of cuckoo router once I’d bridged it.

I’m not sure which mesh device yet or even whether I’ll take the plunge. Google nest was where I started, but Ive also been looking at some of the TP Link’s Deco systems and some of the Asus solutions too. There are so reviews, recommendations and supposed expert opinions about them all. Its hard to know which way to go because none of them are exactly cheap. I think I’ll have to do some proper research and comparison of different features to whittle it down.

I’m only really trying to solve a wifi connectivity problem rather than run a smart home and its only my wife’s ipad that seems to have issues. It seems that’s a common problem looking around online too. I guess I could/should try bridged routers or a wifi extender first to see if they’re enough to sort it out, but there’s an unfaffiness and future proofing from going with mesh that appeals.