Modem Only Mode

On my home network I have a PFSense router amongst other things. Because of this, I only need my router as a modem.

I can see the router supports Modem Only mode, but as it connects over PPP it uses a username and password. I can see the username but im not sure what the password I need to use would be.

Is Modem Only mode something you would support?

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Hey @techy105. If you ping an email we can get you the password (I’m 97.5% sure…:sweat_smile:)

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Ive done that and ive been provided some credentials that work!

Support has also informed me that:

We’ll be in the future adding this to the Account section on the website so the more tech-savvy users don’t have to reach out when they need the info.


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Sorry i didnt get chance to reply to this last night @techy105 but at least @Alex managed to sort this for you,i was going to say that it is possible to obtain the Connection details as many others have mentioned it as well as most users have there own hardware they prefer using than ISP Supplied Tech.

I’ve done it before as well as i feel it gives the user back the control they deserve over there provider and most likely Alex will Agree with this statement as well as being written into the Cuckoo PlayBook…however it means the user has to make there own changes as the ISP Tech Teams are Not always Trained on Multiple Routers only the ones they Supply.

Glad that this will be put into the Account Management side at somepoint in the future though
but it will have to be locked away under your account details to avoid malicious users obtaining
it but im sure it will be well thought out when added securely.