Moved house - solid red light on router, no internet…

I’ve emailed the support address but they’ve been unable to help me. We’ve loved cuckoo over the last year so moved house and took you with us recently. An Openreach engineer came round today (very late as usual for openreach) and literally plugged the router in before leaving immediately (hopefully you can recover this £80 as this was a pointless visit).

There’s a solid red light on the router, regardless of whether the filter is used. Flashing network lights but nothing on broadband or internet. Tried restarting multiple times and nothing.

Do Openreach need to come back and actually do their job? I don’t know much about this but assume they’ve not turned the connection on in the cabinet on the street (their engineer today couldn’t leave fast enough - the standard awful service from them). We also have a weird thing where on your website our address is aggregated with our neighbours’ - I wonder whether this could have messed something up? Cuckoo support claim our line is live but there’s no internet here. Please send help/flowers/etc :frowning:

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Hey @twhit. We’ll get back to your email. And thanks for sticking with us!

Sometimes the day off the switch you’ll need to wait until midnight of that day for the network to do its business and get you online. But we’ll look into the specifics.

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Hello @twhit the information you were asked to provide is standard for all customers facing the problem, because we’ve had quite a few customers who have plugged their kit into the wrong sockets.

Whilst this approach might not suit all we have to cover ground basics and then work up from there.

I’ve marked your query as the first thing to do tomorrow morning. I will have your query sent to Openreach tomorrow before 9am.