Moving flat but Cuckoo may be too slow

Hi all,

I’m potentially looking to move to a new flat and would love to bring Cuckoo with me. Unfortunately the Openreach checker for this address states that I can only get up to 17Mbps down at this new place. See below for a screenshot. How reliable is this checker? I really do not want to go anywhere near Virgin Media!

Hello, @alex111 it looks like you’re on of the very few areas of the country that can’t get any Fibre to the Cabinet broadband. Unfortunately, we would not be able to provide you with any service, as we don’t do normal broadband (ADSL). If you use our checker, it will just say we’re unable to provide you with a service.

I’m sorry to disappoint…


Amazing! I never even considered this as it’s a location about one mile from Bristol city centre (“Address redacted on Exchange NORTH is served by Cabinet 7”). We’re still in the process of looking for flats. I assume that “VDSL” is what I need to look for on the Openreach checker? Or I can just use Cuckoo’s checker.