Multiple Static IP's

Hey all,

Do you offer multiple static IP’s?



Hi there!

We can, but it would cost an extra pound per month per ip.

Thanks, Dan


Hi Dan,

Good news, after a single IP - would I need to purchase a block, or can you assign them one by one?



Ill let @Oliver answer that one for you, he has slightly more knowledge on this.


Hi @MagicPanda

This would be in blocks of 4 after you get one static IP.

So 4 static IPs would be £4 a month, 8 is £8 a month, etc.

The setup of a block of 8 would be /29 subnet, which is 1 network, 1 broadcast, 6 usable addresses.

Hope this helps and cheers @dan for being the saving grace!


Jake in with the win



Thank you for clarifying, how does your block of four work? Do you need a RIPE form, diagram etc?

Also, I have presumed Cuckoo can be used for businesses, am I right in saying that? If yes, are you able to flag the order with wholesale on an enhanced/prioritised delivery? (happy to discuss the reasons behind this in private). It’s not a takeover, just a straight new provide so I think the BT 5 day rule will be in place, but unsure if BT are operating this at the moment.



Sadly we can’t be used for business at the moment (we cover this in our terms and conditions). Sadly I did have to read through them! :grin:

Haven’t heard of the BT 5 day rule but we’ll look into it.

Hiya @MagicPanda (Dylan) & Welcome To The Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

While theres not much I can personally add to this thread I just had to pop up and say "Hi " as the team @dan & @jake really have outdone themselves on this quality response and I like to give praise where its deserved.

However as usual @alex (The CEO/Boss) has put his foot in it
again by spoiling the response
quality which is typical even if the reaponse is true about cuckoo for business use…time to send him back to the classroom methinks :smiley:

Most Standard Domestic Installs do only require a Dynamic IP Address or a Single Static IP for the likes of CCTV Cameras etc… but maybe as an alternative you could look into something like which provides a webname instead of a Static IP Address if you decide to use the Cuckoo Service as a Domestic Home User Install.


Unfortunately, Cuckoo cannot be used for business use, which means it’s no good for us :frowning:.

But yes, excellent support and if I ever do need home FTTC then I will be back in touch.

Thank you all.

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Funny thing is the Cuckoo Service is using a Business Network and that is where the mis-conception has come from of being possible.

Pop back from time to time however as I dont think this will be a stumbling block going forward as the team do take all feedback on the community into account and unlike other ISP’s they wont sweep it under the carpet and ignore it.

Sorry on this occasion that they couldnt suit your needs.