My thoughts on switching to Cuckoo

Well, it was actually OK, pretty seamless. Speeds are a little lower than Sky but also my ping is lower, so overall a better connection. I am happy.

Things I should have done;
Not contacted you immediately at 8am on every deadline asking why you hadn’t completed it yet ^^
Things you could do better;
Mention this is a TalkTalk based service. This would have probably stopped me switching TBH, but it would have at least made me informed. Not everyone want’s to read ALL the small print.

Mention clearly that there is no IPv6, again this is a biggie as a growing amount of IOT/Mesh/Nest type devices only use this now.

Assume people want to be ex-directory or at least add a checkbox in the signup process, I didn’t realise you were going to blab my name and address to the world until I started going through the small print today.

Maybe offer the option to not have your router and a small discount (as we obviously paying for it with connection fee and first month) for those of us with more networking gear than Currys PC World? IDK if such a thing would be possible, but its not particularly green to have another box in the cupboard that’s never gonna see the light of day. Just an idea, it isn’t charging different people different prices if we are foregoing an actual bit of hardware.

There’s no negatives here, I am happy with it so far. I wouldn’t have switched if FTTP wasn’t here in a few months as Sky has IPv6 and was only charging 22 a month (but that 18month tie in sux). However this seems a great setup as a transitional service at a reasonable price, well done.


Heya @MV_Dev_Null ! Great feedback. Have broken this down below.

-On who provides the network, I would argue most people don’t really care? e.g. do we define what technologies we use for the website etc? Everyone in the UK expect VM obviously, use Openreach. Then there are a whole host of network providers in the middle layer. Whenever someone asks we tell them.

-Fair dues. We’re working on providing better smart home functionality.

-Everyone actually is ex-Directory so we should amend the small print.

-Fair dues. We’ll add this to the product roadmap. Prioirty wise we’ll have to see where it fits in!

-FTTP. Watch this space. We have one of our team on FTTP atm so we’re first testing out the ops process and then need to dive deeper into the costings/commercials etc.


Hiya @MV_Dev_Null

These speeds should increase within the first 10 Days of line training so just keep an eye on this on your modem side of things and it’s stats…Sky do have there own network equipment separate to OpenReach but they should still stay within the OpenReach Ranges.
The lower ping is something I liked too but I’d like it lower myself :laughing:

The Community is Always Open whereas the support team have different hours which can be currently seen on Google but Email is read and replied to outside of these hours…a normal working day for the team is after 9am but leaving a post or email is the best way to get a response…On The Community I pop on randomly to see if any one needs any help.

It is Indeed a TalkTalk Network Service as Cuckoo is a Reseller of a Business Service which has different features compared to that of Standard Home Services.
Out of Interest why would it have stopped you switching ?? This is purely for knowledge reasons for the team (and yes I know the horror stories).

Yes I Do Agree This could be communicated more clearly but unless your Tech Savvy most normal users wouldn’t actually know the difference to this just as long as they have internet access and there has been talk of it being looked into by @alex on his ever growing TO DO List (yes I can see you replying as I type this).
So hopefully this can be moved up the list a bit :thinking: but every new company has to start somewhere and things take time to implement.

Interesting…that’s the first I’ve heard about this however so maybe I need to re-read that small print again myself…it’s been a while but I will agree certain options and tick boxes are lacking.

This has been mentioned before and while it’s a possibility it could be implemented it’s down to how much food Alex wants to put in the web teams treat cupboard as to keep them motivated enough to do this.
It would certainly help a little though and sending routers out to people who don’t want them.

It’s the long contracts that get the better prices compared to the short term contracts that require it to be a little higher for no contract and to get everything sorted with very little hassle…all in all I agree no negatives here but actually it’s genuine and honest feedback and I personally thank you for this and you may get some likes from the the team when they read this…but you’ll get one from me after I reply…I can’t wait to see how the FTTP Journey goes ahead for Cuckoo Customers but I know there are changes coming to FTTP Terms in the near future but this will have to see how other providers adapt if at all,but just remember it may take longer than a few months to be provided and to officially take orders as it’s different technology and how it’s provided and I know one of the Cuckoo Team members is currently trialing things at present Behind The Scenes as well.

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In regard to talktalk, it was just the horror stories tbh. That being said, you guys are customer support and you seem on the ball in communication, so my worries there are fading fast. Talktalk was always slated for their CS, the network is the network at the end of the day (unless you were LLU like me, which often helped when there were issues in my town).
As for FTTP, my whole market town EADER (around 9000ish properties) is going live in 6-12 months (confirmed with OR on twitter). If you guys come up with a product by then I would certainly consider it, although I am interested in the full speed 900+ option. I see there is no going back to copper once switched, so vdsl will be an ever decreasing pool over the next few years.

I think you all seem to be doing a cracking job, I hope you don’t lose the inclusivity and communication as you grow.

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Yep there customer service is Indeed terrible considering how bad there trustpilot scores are compared to cuckoo’s see links below.

Trustpilot - Cuckoo

Trustpilot - TalkTalk

I was with Post Office Broadband previously and trust me that was awful and they never fixed the connection at all they just kept making excuses and we kept going round in circles…it’s now been taken over by Shell Broadband to be run but as it’s still a talk talk retail based service,I can’t see them being any better but as I’ve not been with them personally I can’t say if there service is any better as I left before the takeover happened and I haven’t been with talk talk directly but the horror stories did put me off too but I just have to experience things sometimes to understand it.

There’s still time to experience it,so I’ll see what new challenges I want to experience in due time.

The Team Are quick to act on issues at Cuckoo even if you don’t see them here they are reading the posts in the background,me personally I’m just like you a internet customer that’s gone from 14.4k Dialup all the way to what we have now…so and FTTP when available will be my next stepping stones LLU Was a fun time to experience.

From what I’ve been seeing don’t take what OpenReach say on there Twitter as gospel as they even put things in writing and then go back on it…there’s an issue i read about recently where 20+ houses in a New Build estate have FTTP but the rest won’t be getting it because the build cost went up and they run out of money…while it’s funny to read it maybe causing hell &headaches for those residents on house prices and connectivity reasons.

I’m sure the team will be putting plans in place to create even a basic FTTP Service with options for maximum speeds like your mentioning…some services maybe limited to 330mb however as a maximum depending on what’s rolled out.

As it’s all digital lines there won’t even be the ability to make calls if the power goes out however I can see the copper network staying around for areas that can’t have FTTP rolled out…but most people have mobiles these days…don’t they :thinking:

Only time will tell…but I know @oliver doesn’t want this to happen…but if it does we can pick on him.

@MV_Dev_Null just too add my piece on TalkTalk. When you’re on FTTC it actually makes no difference whether it’s TalkTalk wholesale or Bt Wholesale. The only reason I presume that cuckoo use TTW is because it’s much cheaper for big providers to buy capacity in bulk from Openreach. On FTTC you have no flexibility in configuring the logical/physical attributes of the network as Openreach maintain almost near control. It’s not like ADSL broadband which comes directly out of TT’s LLU equipment in the exchange. Really the only difference is the back haul when going from Openreach’s BRAS onto the whole sale providers core network to the wider web. However I suspect your dial tone will still be based off the LLU equipment in the exchange. In terms of quality of service as no ISP can put their own equipment in the curb side cabs all ISPs using FTTC have the exact same level playing field from Openreach. The only difference for us as customers (as you know) is support quality, CPE and price.

@MV_Dev_Null @gouledw Plus the costs were extortionate to initially setup a new ISP company so they had to start somewhere and TTB was the best option.

If your interested and not read it yet see the post below.

Then click the link to the medium post on Alex’s first Cuckoo Post using the service.

Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I’ll be watching you, Phantom :grin:

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Awww it’s nice to know you care @Alex and videos to boot i’m one lucky Phantom :laughing: :crazy_face:

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@PhantomR1982 [sorry I haven’t grasped the quote feature yet, your guide is on my list to do, got too many assignments due at this moment :cry:]. I think what @Alex did took guts especially given the state of play in the market, and the crafty tactics of some.

I read the guide that you linked. Interesting read. I only wish it was simple as top, middle and bottom layers :joy:. You’re more likely to get a bite fishing in the logic layer than you are in lake Windermere :see_no_evil:

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It’s very easy actually even on a phone…just highlight the text you want to use in your next post then as you select all the bits you want to use when the “Quote” Button appears just tap/click this and then a little bit of code will appear in your text reply box just leave this untouched and type your reply underneath.

I think there’s even a special treat for your profile when you do it :smiley: I used to think the quote button was a nuisance but now as you can tell I loves it.

While I agree fully with you I know he’s not stopping there either…just one point…don’t give him praise or his head won’t fit through his office door and the team will need to call in a woodpecker to free him up.


@Alex calls it CAKE Layers !!! but I’ll let him explain that.

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No complaints here - so far things are panning out nicely. I was also with Sky - It was impossible for me to migrate because A no one recognised my Sky number and B Sky cut me off 3 days into a migration so I just let it cease - on the back on that I got out of my entire contract TV N all for £0 and with £150 sorry credit right into my bank account. The fact they had put me into a new 18 month contract for the phone and not told me was the trigger. They tried to mess with me but hey I eat consumer laws/lawyers for breakfast so it was about 30 mins of my time and a direct call to the Sky head honcho to sort that one out - I go for the Organ grinder every time.

I have been using Star link since Jan and will have ground based FTTP in the next 6 months,

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SKY have there own off OpenReach Network so that’s probably where the number not recognised situation came from…it’s the same if you try to search a OpenReach based provider now your on supply with Cuckoo your number won’t be recognised by online checkers so they default to address & location searches…plus SKY Really don’t want to let you go and use there tactics but like you they don’t stand a chance with me either on negotiating…I rarely need to go higher to the organ grinder with anyone else.

But you did well with that compensation credit but as I’ve had my number 25+ years there’s no way any provider is claiming mine.

Starlink is not one I’ve heard of,how does it work out of interest is it like the tooway service ??? I’m hoping to see a lot more FTTP areas installed by the end of the year but loads of places will remain using FTTC.

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Starlink is Elon Musk / Space X - and yes it’s a 2 way based on phased array dishes the size of a small table - currently in beta google it :slight_smile:


I’ve bookmarked it @PeteC and when i saw the word “Beta” I went “ooohhhh” as I like this word a lot…especially when there’s something to test and break. :laughing: :crazy_face:


Sky are evil. I switched to you on the last day of my contract with them (and we pay monthly in advance with them), and yet they seem to think they can charge me another two months, that’s one direct debit I cancelled fast. So glad I left them. Plus the only way to contact them is by phone…they from the stone age they really are.



Just make sure that you ring them and advise them that you are not with them anymore for Broadband Services and also the date Cuckoo took over your line as just cancelling your direct debit will keep the balance on your account and they will then bombard you with text messages/emails demanding payment and if you ignore those communications they instruct a debt collection agency to recover it for them which is another scare tactic that I really hate from companies.

While this should have been communicated from the systems cuckoo use some providers don’t pay full attention to the notes displayed.

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Yeah I have done, apparently their “system” couldn’t process me switching on last day of my contract. I’m sure I remember it being the case that the new system was supposed to switch me seamlessly without the need for contacting the old provider. Anyway main thing is they will credit me my money back asap. Always a good idea to check up on old direct debits, thank goodness Barclays have such a great banking app now.


Always good to check with Sky. I had a £51 credit I was told would come back to me - But I had to chase them 3 times to get it released. And then they got it wrong.

Shambles… Still I share a relatives login so I have it all without paying for it - which is kinda nice :slight_smile:


They must have had training from Plusnet agents…there outdated technology really infuriated me and the lack of knowledge the tier 2 agents had…jeeze I’m glad they screwed up there own system over night.

That’s how it’s supposed to work as your new provider contacts the old one to say “your times over now, the customer wants us so its our time to shine now” words of encouragement.

They always suggest leaving the direct debits active for at least 30 days after a change over for that reason so that final payments/credits can be paid/returned as they close your account…but it is worth continuing to monitor your accounts with any company you use.

I always wait 2-3 months for things to settle before I can fully relax.