New Broadband Page Rollout!

We’ve just deployed the new UI for our homepage! It’s accessible at

Part of our overall work for a cleaner uniform look across the site.

Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on it.


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It Would be a good idea if your clickable link worked @Insung as it takes you to a
dreaded 404 page the reason however is because you’ve typed a double / in the
background link see below. (Your background link)

However the text in the message is actually right.

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Yeah both linked pages 404 for me.


Use this one @daaryll

I know this one works :smiley:

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Good spot Phantom! I’ll update this now


Sometimes i wish i didnt have a keen eye to detail lol !!!

I would have fixed it myself but it wouldnt let me on this occasion.

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Ever fancied being a lawyer? :nerd_face:

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This graphic is pretty small on my iMac screen:

Also wouldn’t it be better to switch the data so you have Cuckoo at the top with the contract duration as the bar chart? eg. Cuckoo top of the pile with a 1 month rolling contract, and the other ISPs trailing way behind with their desire to lock customers in for 12/18/24 month contracts - that’s what appealed most to me about the Cuckoo offering!

I also think your typography hierarchy and sizing could be improved with some CSS tweaks to the font sizes, letter spacing and line heights.

The four pillar boxes of the offering in the header could also be stronger, I think the icons on the homepage are more appealing/eye-catching and could perhaps be utilised again with slightly longer copy explanation sections to expand on what’s been referenced on the homepage :slight_smile:

I could go into more detail, but it’s possibly not what you’re after with this thread :smiley:

Hope that helps!

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Well I’ve Been Many Things and i watch a lot of Classic “Perry Mason” On CBS Justice
so finding loop holes in things is easy for me as you know…So I Could Always Give
It A Go…So where should i start…The Cuckoo Terms & Conditions Page Or Deeper ???