New customer - Duplicate Live accounts Old & New Providers

After some advice. I switched to cuckoo from talktalk earlier this month. 6th October was the go live date.

Everything went smoothly, openreach engineer disconnected line and re-connected all within 30 mins.

Talktalk however still hold my account open, and I have now had to give them notice to cancel my account and adhere to the 30 day notice period.

My question is who is at fault here?

Was I supposed to arrange cancellation with talktalk upon contracting with cuckoo?

Was cuckoo supposed to arrange cancellation with talktalk?

Or have talktalk ballsed something up?


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Hi @timmy85, welcome to the community!

I have just responded to you on Facebook with information on when we took over the line and notified the previous provider. This will be needed when speaking to TalkTalk who can hopefully refund you for this.

Ill keep an eye out for your response on Facebook and hopefully we can resolve this.


Welcome @timmy85 (Tim) To The Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

Sorry To Hear that You’ve Had the Dreaded Double Account Issue
and i see @oliver is already on the case and supplying you the information
you need to send to TalkTalk so this is just a Friendly “Hiya” at this point
from Me :smiley: i would say that its an issue on the Old Providers transfers/billing
team for keeping the accounts live but i know this is being monitored by
the CEO @alex to see how often this occurs among the providers.

If Theres anything else you need just leave us a message and someone
will get back to you.

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I would hate to blame old providers @timmy85 but sometimes it must be done…

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Just little update on this, as it seems you are keen to track these kinds of scenario’s.

I raised a complaint with talktalk. Received a phone call back explaining that they accept the timeline of events. But that they’re system doesn’t show a “unsolicited cease command” from openreach, it instead showed something about a new landline being ordered?

In any case, she has agreed to backdate the cancellation date. :slight_smile:


@timmy85 glad to hear this and apologies that you had to go through that.

I will reach out to our point of contact at TalkTalk to see that everything is okay on both sides.


Silly question.

How do I find out what landline number I have?

I just tried to ring my mobile to find out and I don’t have a dial tone?

I elected not to keep my number during switchover.

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Hi @timmy85, I have just DM’d you with your phone number.

I tried to phone you, however the call rang until voicemail. Let me know if you are having any issues and we can troubleshoot this.