New customer referral wanted!


Could anyone provide a referral code? Much appreciated,



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Hiya @Ana & Welcome To The Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

Referral Links are Only Available From Actual Cuckoo Broadband Customers that are Receiving Broadband Services.

Have you checked on the Main Website First at to see if you can be supplied with the service in your area as the links are for bringing new customers in that are mainly Friends & Family.

There are a Few Customers that pop up from time to time in the community that can give you a link that you have to click and then place your order through and this is an automated process to make things simpler.

The Cuckoo Team Are Monitoring the use of the Customer Referral Links to avoid any issues.

If so Message Back and I’ll see what I can dig up in the referral cupboard.

Hi @PhantomR1982 , thank you for your warm welcome. I got it and already in!

I’ll see you around! :smile:


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Your Welcome @Ana

Hopefully whoever supplied you a link will be just as happy as you will be.

Once you have a Cuckoo Account Of Your Own there will be a menu called “Refer My Friends” which will contain your own “Personal Link” to your account to earn referrals with.

If You Need Any Help Drop a Post Anytime !!!

Thank you so much, @PhantomR1982, that’s very kind of you. Just one question, do we have an app to manage the account or it’s done via website?