New feature! Pick your switch date 📅 Thoughts?

Hey all,

The team have been hard at work over the weekend. Here’s a summary:

  • Summary: You can now time your switch to Cuckoo when your current contract ends, avoiding any :poop: exit fees. You can also do this for when you’re moving home or perhaps starting a new job? We’re trying to give power back into the hands of people. I like to see it as a form of price rise insurance.
  • How do I access this? Join online and then click the box below your expected switch date (see below image).
  • What do you think? This is new for the broadband industry and we don’t know what to call this feature. Any ideas would be great. As well as what you think of this in the first place (don’t worry we’re working on a lot more features once you become a customer e.g. referrals, Wi-Fi diagnostics).


@Alex I Just hope @dartiss wont see this as he would have jumped at the chance at using this feature. :scream:

its a good idea especially if you are still in contract with your current provider but i personally would set it within 30 days of a contract end to make things run smoothly as the minimum is 14 days for switching between old contract provider expiring and new provider (Cuckoo) taking over but then theres the expiring provider contract and possible better prices offered on the regrade to take into account and also the 30 days warning that is now law for all internet providers to adhere to on contract expiry.

Yup. @PhantomR1982 we’re popping in a fail safe so that you can’t pick a go live date within 14 days (or any public holidays to account for that).

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This feature is now live! :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:

Clear your caches if you’re not seeing it.

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This is what I originally thought was the product to begin with… something that switches you over automatically to a new cheaper service.

Regardless, it’s a good feature but you could get overloaded very quickly when it comes to switching people over :eyes:

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@daaryll Do you mean like that other company ???

Yeah, I thought that this was originally going to be a auto switching service just for the best internet deals then eventually make their own service… then transfer people on to that :slight_smile:

Yeah i see where your coming from @daaryll maybe the team may do something similar in the future…its still early days and everyone has to start somewhere i guess.

There maybe loads in the works BTS we dont even know about yet…so im intrigued to see that play out.