New Homepage Rollout!

Tommy and I have just rolled out the new UI for our homepage! It’s accessible at (obviously).

Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on it.

Happy Friday!



Nice work @Insung.

@PhantomR1982 What do you think?

I like the icons, font and overall look. I’ve always thought the two colour scheme is very bland and plain and doesn’t really peak my interest.

If it were me, I’d definitely add a bit more colour to the home page :yellow_square:

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We’ve intentionally kept the UI clean and simple for now - want to get the basics right first.

I’ve always wanted Cuckoo to be a super playful and colourful brand (whilst yellow always remaining our primary brand colour.) we’ve got lots of colours in our secondary palette which leaves room for more fun. Feel free to have a nosey at our WIP brand hub here:

@daaryll Do you have any examples of brands that you think apply colour well, particularly on their site?


Just to follow on from Insung’s original post, here’s the UX/Front-end optimisations summary for the homepage hero area:

  • Introduced lead copy underneath the main title ‘simple broadband for good’ so organic visitors to the site instantly know our brand position and product offering
  • Optimised layout for mobile (majority of our visitors are coming in on mobile)
  • New super clean, vibrant ‘swoosh’ which we are now calling ‘The Cuckoo Flight’. Now more aligned with our brand direction of clean white with punchy bold visuals.
  • Improved information hierarchy and new UI design allows users eyes to scan content quickly but still keep clear signposting to primary actions
  • 3 offer points (speed, price & 1 month rolling) have been brought up above the fold on majority of desktop viewports.
  • Single, clear CTA to ‘Get early access’ which should help people find where they need to go easier

We’re working on a number of new UI updates so watch this space.

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Majority of the new business start ups such as Coconut, Deliveroo, Uber, Figma and design website Dribbble do colour well in my opinion.