New user and happy customer

well hello cuckoo community new user here and a big thankyou im live all working ok long may it continue :grinning:emphasised text


Welcome To The Cuckoo Community !!! @Lee82 :smiley: :hatched_chick:

I’m glad to hear that your part of the Flock.

If you have any issues then just let the community know so they can try to help you quickly or by raising a support ticket by emailing and the team can start looking at this if needed at the time.

You Might like to add your comments here where there’s lots of other community members & customers saying Hi :wave:

:arrow_forward: Introduce Yourself! :arrow_backward:

Have Fun !!!

Welcome @Lee82, long may it continue indeed.

Give us a shout on here if you have any questions - the flock are pretty helpful.


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ty everyone all good atm any issues i will do :+1:


Helllooooooooooo @Lee82

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Helllooooooooooo @Alex :smiley:

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