No Internet currently

Is there an easy way to check whether there are network issues anywhere as our connection has been down now for a couple of hours? I think there are ongoing issues all over Devon.

Hiya @Neil_H & Welcome Back To The Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :hatched_chick:

As Cuckoo uses the TalkTalk Business Network it could be that they are doing some routine maintenance in your Exchange Area

If you can pop an email over to the team on they can take a look at it for you by running some line tests.

I have been hearing of some issues over the last few days with Authentication and after some extensive testing the team escalated some issues to Openreach but every case is different.

Whats Your Cuckoo Routers Admin page showing out of interest at from within a web browser can you supply a screenshot.

Also have you tried plugging the supplied microfilter direct into your master sockets test socket (behind the lower half of the front faceplate) and seeing if it makes any difference.

@jake & @oliver & @alex should see this by morning if not sooner.

Thanks Phantom, there are multiple people within 20 miles from here who are having problems going by all the local Facebook groups. I think most of the people are on Talktalk or Shell etc. Quite a few have spoken with Talktalk but they are sure there’s nothing wrong at there end at all, but there’s too many to be a coincidence.

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Hiya @Neil_H

I’ve just been checking my resources on my side and I cant see any actual status checker this side.

Now I might be wrong on this but Shell Broadband use TalkTalk Retail for there services just like the Dreaded PostOffice Broadband service and that was so intermitten it was ridiculous however on the TalkTalk Business side they get different points that they connect to which are not normally affected.

That saying it could be maintenance or it could be something else in the Devon Area.

Edit:- Looking at that image you’ve provided its looking like it might be an Authentication Issue which will need to be raised on the email address above…is the Internet Light Red on your Router by any chance ??

Yes it is.

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Hiya @Neil_H

Thats what it might be then as the line is probably detecting the speeds correctly just not handshaking with the connection server.

I doubt it will work & I know this is a cliche to say but have you tried turning the router off with the push power switch on the rear for 30 seconds then back on to see if it resyncs your connection as over 2 hours is a long downtime period.

Yes I tried the usual resets etc but no joy :cry:.

As you can see there’s lots of issues with people on multiple providers with Talktalk being the common denominator.

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See it could easily be what your describing and the proof your showing me so im on your side with it.

But if you havent done so send that email in from your account email address and someone will action it in the morning.

I will, thanks for your efforts.

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No Thanks Needed Im a Modest Phantom :smiley:

Hi @Neil_H

Cheers for popping a post on here and making us aware. @PhantomR1982’s always to the rescue before me these days…

An outage is currently affecting WWHON (Honiton) exchange since 6:30pm which would be the issue at the moment. For some reason your connection hasn’t been picked up as one for an outage notification.

Currently this is being worked as a P2, which is fairly big priority - but we should have some more updates as to when the outage is being resolved shortly.

We’ll keep you updated further on this thread or via email - whichever you prefer.


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I can just see you & @oliver tearing your hair out in the morning (and still might be) if you hadnt seen this tonight.

Anyways its out of hours for you thats why im holding the fort :smiley:

On here is fine thanks. Brilliant service from you again. Thank you

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Good Morning @Neil_H

I Found the Checker System late last night and while im Hoping your service has been restored this is what the last update states.

02:39 08/02/2021:-


Network - P2 - HONITON - Total Loss of Service

Technical / Suspected Root Cause

Openreach Engineers attended “Honiton” and identified/replaced faulty equipment-card.

If theres any other issues related to this just reply to this thread or send an email on the address above and one of the team will address it.

Thanks for the updates Phantom and Jake, I believe normal service was resumed again just before midnight. I feel chuffed that Cuckoo seem to be the only pro-active ISP last night, whilst everyone else hit a brick wall dealing with Talktalk.


Thanks @Neil_H and we all owe a debt of gratitude to @jake !

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