No sign of router with less than 48 hrs to go-live

Hi, I just wanted to check if this is normal that I’m this close to the go live date and haven’t had any tracking details for the router yet?

I saw in another thread another customer’s router was dispatched on next-day DPD but even at that speed it would have needed to have been dispatched today (May 4th) to arrive before the go-live date (May 6th).

With any luck it will arrive as soon as I hit “send” and make it irrelevant, as these things usually pan out! :grinning:


Hiya @sheepeh (Carl) & Welcome To The Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

You should have had your Cuckoo Router delivered to your preferred address by at least 5-7 Days before the connection is to go live and most recently I’ve been hearing that they have been despatched within 24 Hours like you said via DPD but they can be despatched with second class on them upto 48 hours.

I’ll see if I can escalate this for you as I hit “send” to @oliver & @becca as this is not what the team like to have happen and no doubt they will look into this with the warehouse.

Just as a backup can you email in from your account email address to so they can track this as soon as you can.

Fingers crossed this can be resolved quickly

Edit:- Kayla will look into this for you as I type this :smiley:


I’ve sent the email as a backup; good to know someone’s on it already!

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Hiya Carl,

Thanks for letting the community know about this,Kayla Advised me that she had your email come in as I was escalating it,so being fast support on issues like this is what the team are aiming for to restore people’s faith in there internet service plus as it’s earlier in the day they can act on it quicker than later in the evening and then it rolls over into a new day.

Just bare in mind that the Cuckoo Connection Can take anytime up to 12am on your Go Live Date of May 6th (May 7th) as no-one knows when your line will go live until the system starts going “Cuckoo Cuckoo we got one Cuckoo Cuckoo” just like Janine MelNitz in the 80’s Classic Ghostbusters (joke).

It’s at this point the system sends you a text/email to advise you to plug in the Cuckoo Router this then takes around 30 minutes or less to put you on the network and confirm your account you may even notice your old router disconnect if your transferring in and you lose your existing internet connection at this point.

If you have any issues just drop a post anytime and see who is around to help even at night.

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I got mine 2 days before I went live - I was already connected but I got the texts about 1PM on the actual day.

Well Kayla arranged for another router (apparently they’d sent one out but I didn’t get it, nor any tracking codes) via DPD so it should be here before the live date.

I did get the tracking codes as soon as that was confirmed, although they are Royal Mail and not DPD but I trust that if they say DPD they mean DPD.

I’ll make sure to update the thread with the results, hopefully the switchover will go nice and smoothly!


It might be RM - I had mine by RM and they just left it on the bin by the front door. If I had not been in or if I had not gone to the door I wouldn’t have seen it

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That’s Great News @sheepeh (Carl)

I’m glad to hear this has been processed for you,if you can indeed keep this thread updated when your Router arrives and even while you wait patiently for your Go Live Date to complete just have a browse around the forum and see what crazy cuckoo-ness :crazy_face: the community get up to.

It might also be worth adding the Model Number of the Router you receive to this post just for future reference.

While I’m sure they will see if they can find out what happened to your original router with the warehouse it maybe something on the courier’s side to investigate.

I suspect it will come via Royal Mail but I believe DPD are also being used…what does your tracking number look like that you have received as that’s normally the way to tell…the text messages/emails are preset templates which the dev team use so @dan & @tommy need to update on the wording just a little as someone else mentioned this recently as well.

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Hmmm this shouldn’t be happening,especially if it’s a DPD Courier,if it was Royal Mail then they should leave it with a neighbour and/or card you as to where it’s been left.

It might be something @alex & @Oliver will have to look into.

The tracking number does indeed to be a Royal Mail tracking code - PN000000000GB - but either way should work as my local postie and DPD guys know me by name these days and will do their best to get it to me. I will certainly add the model number when it arrives.

I’ll be sure to take a look around, in the mean time!


Yeah that’s a Royal Mail Tracking Code which only updates the tracking info upon delivery.

If you don’t receive it by the time your on supply let me know and I’ll escalate it again.

Just a little warning however the Cuckoo CEO has a thing about “Sheep” as you may find as you explore the forum. (This is a forum joke)

Haha, well… I can neither confirm nor deny any rumours regarding the Wales Incident. :eyes:

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@PhantomR1982 The most shocking thing was that I was in at the time - they put a letter through and then it was because I went to look at it I saw something yellow through the window pane

“Yeah that’s a Royal Mail Tracking Code which only updates the tracking info upon delivery.”

Sorry not quite got the quote thing sorted yet @PhantomR1982 :smiley:

Mine updated from start to finish. I know it went through Brum to get to me - so it is pretty good these days :slight_smile:

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The router arrived already despite the Royal Mail tracking saying it will arrive tomorrow. It was indeed Royal Mail rather than DPD.

The router is a Technicolor DGA4231, configured as requested with my existing SSID. Naturally I haven’t plugged it in yet, but I’m interested to see how it performs.


Thanks for letting us know Carl @Sheepeh

That’s interesting - I got a Technicolor DWA0120 - I assume we all got the same…

I would also be keen to see how it goes - I am not giving up on mine but so far my spare router is doing a much better job than the TC one did.

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Hiya @PeteC

Hmmm I wonder if it was the Post Office Or The DPD Courier that did that,if it was me in charge of despatching the routers I’d have one courier collect the routers once a week ready for despatch from the Monday and as it progresses through the network have the tracking numbers on the business account to make sure it can be monitored all in one place and when feedback like yours comes through we can send it back to the delivery firm to identify which staff members are causing the issues in which area and routes…but that is concerning to hear as it could have been Lost/Dead money to Cuckoo as they would have to despatch another router to you and it all costs.

Jinx i said it first :stuck_out_tongue:

Well you won’t get your profile treat until you master it,just highlight the text you want to copy/use then when you see the grey “Quote” button tap/click it and it will generate what looks like a bit of web code in a comment box below leave this as it is and type underneath it.

This is how back in the day on emails i used to quote manually by using >>text1 >>text2 to make the point of what was previously said on emails by using the forward arrow on each line of text.

Depends on what service was used on the delivery speed…there was a time Royal Mail were awesome for tracking services online but that changed for the worse.

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Got it Cheers :+1: Now I see how it’s done :slight_smile:

Tracked 48 is what is used.

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Wahoooo Kayla Saved the Day For You !!! If you haven’t already reply to her email ticket to let her know to make her smile,people don’t realise how much just a simple thing like this means to staff on the other end of the phone from a customer.

Arrrgggghhhhh Not another new one !!! Different Router Model Numbers are flowing far to often around these parts…but at least it’s been preconfigured as you asked…you can also change the SSID on the Online Cuckoo Account if you wish to have a play when your Go Live Date has passed.So More Learning for the Team & Me lol…You can however load it up and play with its options using the Ethernet Cable it’s just the DSL Connection on the line may not be present until your line is fully transferred/setup correctly.

Are You After My Job Lol ???

Well that’s interesting as well as I have the DWA130 and that’s how I’ve been basing it on for menus there is also a DWA0122 With FXO Ports on it (Phone/SIP) but currently too many to mention…the official reason for this is Brexit.

A quick glance of the specs on this model look very high indeed so indeed let us know how you get on but I’ll be researching it more later…however if your comfortable with your router just like i am with my own TP LINK Archer VR400 then why change what your used to unless the supply technology does.

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I dug mine out of the cupboard - It’s about 10 years old but was only used for 1 year when I was with AAISP. I’ve had 1 drop by network today and 1 drop by me at 11:11 as I went on to another TTB based ISP and it said I could get 75mbps sync speed - so I thought my profile might have raised - still on 60 but being able to stream 4K again with 30S buffer suits me just fine :slight_smile:

I don’t want anyone spending time or money to get an engineer out if it is the router so I’ll give the Billion a few weeks to see if it can raise the profile through stability - if not then I will take the offer up.

If there are no hours and no pay - yup :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: