Octopus or Bulb


I move in to my new house on Monday 8th March and need to get the energy supplier sorted.

I’m seeing/hearing/reading very good things about these 2 companies.
Would like to add one of them to sit proudly alongside Cuckoo and Monzo but not sure who to go with.

Bulb is working out cheaper but as we know…it’s not all about the price!

Be good to hear from some of there customers on here if any so I can make my mind up :+1:t2::crossed_fingers:

Cheers me dears!

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@tommy or @ChrisR5 care to share any input on this subject or any of the lurkers that havent spoken up before ???

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Not many Bulb or Octopus customers here then? lol

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Im with Bulb, however plan on revisiting whether to move to Octopus when I have moved house. Bulb has always offered the cheapest package for the times I use electricity and the referral bonus was great. Annoyingly I still have to do meter readings though…

If you use electricity at non-peak hours or have an electric vehicle, I believe Octopus would be the best option of the two from personal experience.


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Hey @Holmesy,

So I’ve been with both Bulb and Octopus. I switched to Octopus when I moved home, simply to see what all the hype was about.

Price wise I’m on a fixed tariff with Octopus so even if I use more energy in a month – the price doesn’t fluctuate. I personally found that useful to manage budgets for the year.

Both have super simple switching processes – think both took about 3-4 minutes from start to finish.

This obviously isn’t what most people look for in an energy company but they both have their owns pro’s and con’s to the overall user experience. For example I’ve found it easier to discover content on Bulb (e.g. guides on energy saving for example) and their account interface is better designed and simpler to navigate (personal preference.) However, for key information like my monthly bill cycle and understanding my tariff - i find Octopus much simpler and clearer. Bulb has an awesome in-house illustrator so they have beautifully designed emails and content, however on the flip side Octopus use a really clean and simple dark UI which works great on mobile.

Octopus were clearer/more direct in the website/switching experience when exposing me to the world of smart metres (however i can’t comment as I’m still old school with a classic thermostat).

All things considered, there’s not much in it between the two but I think I generally prefer Octopus.

Good luck in your decision – if you decide on Octopus, feel free to use my referral link to get £50 for switching: https://share.octopus.energy/witty-gale-59

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Meters* @Tommy Dont Pull an @Alex

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Good spot. And guilty :point_up:

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Ooooohhh I think I’m starting to rub off on Tommy heheh

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And so you should be !!! @Tommy

I’ve already had to have words with Miss Becca about @dan and his wording issues so i wonder if this is down to you both and not his fault or is Alex infecting his bad spelling on all the team. :laughing:

Hey Oliver.

Thanks for letting me know this. Does Bulb provide and install a smart meter?

Hey Tommy.

Great insight! Does Octopus provide and install a smart meter?

Yes they both sound great regardless which one I choose and thanks so much for the referral.

Hey, I applied for one, however that was 2 years ago and haven’t had one yet. I thought about chasing, however its pointless now.

2 years ago!? That doesn’t sound like great service!

Moved from Octopus to Pure Planet as PP was cheaper whilst still green. Sorry to leave Octopus, service was good, but PP not a problem so far. They offered a smart meter quite soon after I joined; it should be fitted next week.

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Welcome @sjmanistre (Stephen) To The Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg: !!!

I see you’ve been registered for a while so its always nice to see a new person join the conversation.

This is Valuable Information for everyone that may read this thread so if you dont mind could you advise why you left Octopus for Pure Planet was it pricing or the smart meter install issue etc… or something else.

Hi Phantom, thanks for the welcome.
I used MoneySavingExpert’s price comparison app. I do most years. Pure Planet was cheaper than Octopus; though I was sufficiently happy with Octopus that I gave them the opportunity to match PP’s price.
The meter is quite incidental. PP contacted me not long after switching and the change should happen next week. I was not in a rush, and beyond curiosity I doubt it will affect my usage.

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Hiya @sjmanistre (Stephen).

Everyone should get a welcome in my eyes and i do my best to make sure I get round everyone even if they havent been seen for months or never posted.

I’ll personally take a look at “Pure Planet” later as im in the process of transfering to Octopus myself as I hear good things.

I had to make sure I had the previous provider fit smart meters before I transferred over to Octopus as there was a few issues that had to be resolved but whats British Gas’s Loss Octopus May Gain :smiley:

But having smart meters fitted and the in home display im finding it now as a personal challenge to reduce those coloured bars down to a minimum quite a game and im succeeding.

Feel free to add or start your own posts or ideas on any subject,we like to talk here :smiley:

Just to say after looking over your comments and speaking to both suppliers I went with Octopus energy.

I did an email test to see how good they are at replying and Bulb were very fast and emailing me back along with octopus energy.

I then did a phone test and called both, Octopus were faster at answering and seemed to get to the answer quicker.
Both were extremely friendly, and felt like talking to a mate oddly enough! Nice touch.

What swung it for me was the which? Awards which I am member of and so I think that counts for something and also the tracker tariff which for my area came out much cheaper than bulb with the option of being able to move around the tariffs they offer.
They seemed to be that little bit more innovative and as a techie myself I liked that!

Honestly it was so hard to pull them apart!

There was another supplier called Pure Planet which which? Also gave awards too but having no telephone number to call them if I really needed to put me off but I did like the whole innovative set up they use with online and app only. Price wise they were a little too high for my area and I just think a telephone number is a must.

Outfox the market was another supplier but the website I personally thought was a bit naff and so it put me off. As a whole complete package it just didn’t look right to me.

Thanks everyone for your help. All such great comments oh @Tommy…enjoy your £50 credit too mate coming your way :+1:t2:

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At work we have Slack channel for referal chains. Maybe @Holmesy you provied now yours so the next person can use and so on… Good luck.

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I previously worked for Flow Energy, who were bought out by Cooperative energy and finally sold to Octopus energy.

I have experiences as a customer of both and personally would pick Octopus for the following reasons:
Octopus will bill economy 7s meters to a single rate like all other providers, Bulb will not unless you pay for a new meter to be installed. The process of billing E7 to single rate is as simple as adding the daytime and night-time consumption together from the meter readings. E7 mainly provided cheaper rate to those with electric storage heaters which are now not as common and modern versions are much more energy efficient it doesn’t make a difference.

Secondly the customer service at Octopus in my opinion is more efficient, this could be disputed as due to tariff renewal times Octopus are probably busier than normal. Being on a variable rate and single tariff Bulb are at an advantage here as their contact rate is constant.

The big decider was the issue with economy 7 rates as living in a house which is now heated by Oil this makes a large impact upon my bill.

Its worth remembering though that there are other smaller suppliers who do a fantastic job. My favourite was Green Network Energy, however sadly they’re now gone.