Opnsense/pfSense Settings

Hi, I use OpnSense on a little i7 fanless box and was pleased to see the PPPoE login details included in my membership pages, excellent work there. I am however wondering will there be any other settings I will need for IPv6 etc that I’m going to need, and has any helpful person made a guide? If not maybe I’ll have to, once I go live and get everything figured out.

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Hi there!

You shouldn’t need to change anything in OpnSense, at the moment the IP range into your house will only be IPv4 so you shouldn’t need to configure anything for IPv6.

For the other settings; theres loads of good documentation on the OpnSense website https://docs.opnsense.org/


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I currently enjoy ipv6 with sky getting a /56 delegation, it appears from other posts you provide it as well. I guess I’ll just figure it out on go live day. I thought my days of wiresharking isp routers would be over when I left Sky, guess not. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hiya @MV_Dev_Null & Welcome To The Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

While it looks like Cuckoo have the IPV6 service from some or many of the articles around the community sadly this has been confirmed by @alex & now @dan that it’s not currently available as part of the Cuckoo service & IPV4 will be the Default Address range & I’ll be honest I havent heard of any usual suspects provider apart from select business grade services that offer it as an option so with SKY having it available that’s surprised me.

Never say never it may appear or may not as the company expands in time.

P.s Love the Moss Avatar (Fellow I.T Crowd Fan)

Hi and thank you, hmmm, Sky pumped this out years ago as default on their routers, as have Zen and several others. It’s not a big issue (I could still use another service or vpn if there was an ipv6 only service i needed to acces) as the rolling contract (and fttp is rolling out here in a few months time don’t wanna be tied to a contract) had it not been for looming fttp, I would have stayed with Sky then.

Cuckoo’s own @jake & community member @RyanK92 are our favourite sky based knowledgeable contributers so they would know more on this feature and how sky utilise it and I’m only guessing but it’s probably because of there newer mesh based router kits under Sky Q as it’s now called that need the longer IP Addresses for there customer database.

FTTP based on what I know isn’t an easy provide to customers like FTTC and does have long lead times before it’s ready expect 6 months+ wait times for any provider but keep an eye on the Cuckoo emails and Community updates as certain areas are being trialed on Cuckoo that already have it rolled out but that’s all I can say for now I just hope @oliver doesn’t shoot me for saying that.

Sky’s IPv6 works on their original routers, you know, the horrible white things that require an OR modem. Although I don’t use their routers anymore, I still use my original ECI OR modem which I hard modded and installed Lede on so I could check stats and more importantly fiddle with snr to try and counter Sky’s ever decreasing sync speed.
My whole town is one of the lucky rural Market Towns regarding FTTP, I myself have had a pole erected about 15’ from my front door, but unfortunately I checked with OR via twitter and they confirmed just because all the poles and fibre have gone up, doesn’t mean it’s close. Still another 6-9 months before I can order it.
Anyway once I’m up and running, I’ll make a guide I guess. OpnSense is sooo much better than consumer routers, I’m not sure I could ever go back. Next-gen filtering features and DoT alone made the learning curve worth it.
Cuckoo seems on the ball, I’m less stressed about the switch than I was. Hurts a bit to pay so much, but that rolling contract is a cracking idea, I had planned to use NowTV (still sky) but I couldn’t find the rolling contract option on their site anymore, luckily that brought me here.

I briefly managed to attract an ipv6 address in opnsense this morning but it has disappeared, I shall investigate further when 10 day training is over.