Our brand is now hatched 🐣

From the Burger King car park, through to the evolution you see today. You can read the full story of our brand and how it all came to be on our Medium Blog.


Broadband is broken.

Terrible service, complex deals, sky-rocketing prices – it’s a long list.

And to top it all off, we’re forced to haggle for a new deal every year, or risk paying an extra £200.

Yep, the existing providers have a lot to answer for.

Which is why we’re doing it differently.

And finally putting customers first.

Not just by giving them amazing service, but by making broadband simple.

With one great speed, at one low price, on one monthly rolling contract.

So customers never have to switch again, because they’ll always be on the best deal.

Even better, 1% of their bill helps us spread the awesome power of the internet to where it’s needed most, like conflict zones, natural disaster sites and developing communities.

We’re called Cuckoo.

And we’re making broadband simple, for good.

What do you think?


Missing Burger King right now :hamburger:

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I think it’s long overdue!


I’ve always believed that the correct balance between price and customer support COULD be possible but, until now, it’s always been heavily weighed one way or another.

I work from home (not just right but have done for years) and so quick, reliable broadband is vital for me. So, right now, I’m paying high prices to get it. It would be great to be paying something more sensible for a service which, let’s be honest, all companies should be aiming for.

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The only thing that really changes @dartiss when you move provider (apart from between Openreach and Virgin) is the software you interact with and the router at home!

We’ll be trying to hit that balance!

Indeed. And they’re so often the weak points. I left BT many years ago because of the consistent failures of their DNS server.


Great read, really interesting and find it awesome that there’s a challenger business on the block!

Banking has changed. Mobile has changed. This is what the broadband industry needs. I have previously worked in sales/customer service for broadband retailers on the high street, I hear all the time from customers that they want flexibility and want to save money whilst getting the best price. Pricing and contracts are confusing, businesses have huge customer bases with customers paying multiple prices for the same package regardless of their loyalty etc.

The straightforwardness of Cuckoo itself is appealing!

Looking forward to seeing what’s to come. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks a bunch @ashley. Now we’re working hard to make sure our service is actually all its cracked (!) up to be. My mum and dad go live with our broadband next Friday! :grimacing:


I heard McDonald’s might be opening up a few London stores :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

It’s so wrong, but so right @Alex

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Congrats boys, looking forward to this :grin: