Parental Controls - bug in router firmware

I’m trying to set up time of day controls so that I can shut off my kids access to the internet when it is time to get ready for bed.

On the page for Time of Day rules (Devices > Configure > Time Control) when I go to add a new rule, to specify the device to apply, you have to use a drop down with MAC addresses in it.

Despite there being 13 devices listed on the list page, there are only 3 MAC addresses listed.

Restarting the router resulted in the interface working correctly - the last option on the MAC address selector is Custom, which allows you to manually enter MAC addresses that aren’t present.

If this is unstable, I have to wonder what other features of the router might deteriorate after lengthy uptime.

Is there by any chance a more recent version of the firmware that might have fixed some bugs?

Hiya @dunxd & Welcome To The Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

Without going into this too much at this stage when you login to the Router Interface on your side what is the Version that your Cuckoo Router is displaying on the First Tile.

This will just help for pinpointing the issues between firmwares and comparing the steps above.

I suspect there are other bugs floating around in the router firmware that have yet to be brought to the teams attention and @dan might be able to help further on this subject.

I’ll take a look at this myself and see if the same happens on the firmware I have.

MAC CONTROL is a handy tool when assigning IP Addresses to a device as well so this doesn’t change when the ip lease expires I’ve always used this feature by manually (Custom) entering the Device MAC’s and IP ADDRESS into each Router I’ve used to make things easier and once all devices are set I always make a backup incase of having to do a factory reset due to error.

The List Error you mentioned may just be down to either the lack of free router memory or a lack of the interface refreshing in Real Time which would point to the Firmware this is why when you restarted the router the 13 MAC Addresses appeared compared to the original 3.

Software Version: 19.4
Just to be clear it is a DGA0122 router.

Hiya @dunxd

Thanks for the Update

The version of the router that Cuckoo send out to customers is a Technicolor DWA0130 so I don’t know how you have received a DGA0122 unless this was your own unlocked model.

Edit:- 15:05 I’ve spoken with @becca in the team
about this router model number briefly and she was as surprised as I was that you’ve had this dispatched to you btw while the router software maybe the same it’s not the model that’s normally dispatched for the Cuckoo Service.

Just for reference can you supply a screenshot of the web interface and a photo of the router you have received (omitting/cropping/blurring any personal details that may appear)

The reason I asked for the Firmware Version is I have Cobalt 18.3 on the Device here so granted this device hasn’t been connected to an active line yet as I personally use a TP-LINK Modem/Router.

However if it was connected I suspect it would be elevated in the setup process to 19.4 as well
I’ll check to see if the DWA0130 (18.3) has the same issue later today that you mentioned above and get back to you on this and if it does I’ll see if I can get it escalated to the router supplier who can also check this.

It’s a messy chain the team have to follow to do this and not as simple to do this as customers would like. :crazy_face:

The DGA0122 is what I received from you two weeks ago. I’d probably not opt for a Thompson if I was buying it myself, but this one does have excellent WiFi coverage…

Attached is a photo of the sticker on the bottom, and a screen shot of the interface.

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You only allow new users to attach one file - so here is the photo of the sticker on the router you sent.

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Hiya @dunxd

Thanks a bunch for those images,it’s not that I didn’t believe you at all but typos can happen and thanks for editing out the crucial info for safety reasons on the second image.

Sorry I forgot about the “New User” limitations on the image uploads but it’s quite easy to elevate yourself to remove this restriction if you read the documentation link below at the section “Trust Level 1:- Basic”

when you have 5 mins to remove the posting restriction plus you get a “Basic” Trust Badge for your Community Profile for the effort :smiley:

The router screen that you have shown is Identical to the router interface within the router that Cuckoo normally dispatch on the DWA0130 so there maybe a simple reason as to why this model came out to you when the provisioning was done which I wouldn’t know about for example an accidental selection or the suppliers ran out of the Current Cuckoo model :man_shrugging:

Most of the Documentation on the Cuckoo Website & Community here is related to the
DWA model so maybe there will be Two Routers in time that the team will supply & support when the FTTP plans start to appear for everyone and this will be the router that will be despatched or this model will be a direct replacement.

But For Now…I Personally haven’t been advised of this change,So thanks for bringing this to at least my attention but not to worry though
as the software should be the same but there maybe subtle differences due to the internal router hardware and the odd menu option here and there.

Please take into account that I’m just a Community Member like yourself helping others where I can for now and that I don’t have access to any personal details or Internal Cuckoo systems however I can escalate certain things on your behalf when all else fails & you can tell the team you’ve spoken to me if you email or call in.

Loving The Router Name on the Sticker Btw even if you’ve changed it afterwards :smiley:

Right Now after clearing that minor mess up i need to continue looking into the issue tomorrow that you brought to light and I’ll continue to respond here as soon as I have a bit more clarity from within the routers Parental Controls Section.

If you did have your own unlocked Modem/Router for example like a TP-LINK model or similar from a manufacturer you prefer to use then you can obtain your connection details to enable it to connect to your Cuckoo service if you decide at any point that you don’t want to use the Technicolor Router due to any issues and the community can advise how to do this.

Yeah - I don’t think @discobot is enabled on this Discourse - I didn’t get a welcome message, and no response when mentioning @discobot.

To be honest, going through the @discobot thing is a bit old now, and I imagine any spambot has already figured out how to pass the tests it has been around for so long.

I am surprised that Cuckoo is leaving support like this to community users. Had I known (and kudos to you for volunteering) I would have picked up the phone to them. Sorting out their routers is really a job for staff!

@Alex - I’m having trouble with my router - care to lend a hand?

Hey @dunxd. Just pinged one of the service team to help. They’ll be able to see what’s the problem!

The best way to get help is follow the website, email or phone. We don’t yet have the capacity to have a dedicated lead for the community but we’re working on it! Small team, but big ambitions.

Hey @dunxd thanks for getting in touch via the community, the most direct way to get hold of the team is via our email or telephone lines, this is what I would advise for any technical issues.

Due to availability issues with our normal router some customers are receiving a different model, which does as we have only found yesterday have slightly different settings and restrictions. @Oliver did ask our router supplier yesterday if we could swap this type of router for our normal DWA0130 model for another customer and I will find out how he got on as if this is possible this version has the parental controls option. Or if there was a way of adding the option on to the router settings for the model in which you have, I shall see how he got on and be back in touch.

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Hiya @Becca

As long as @Oliver can find out if there’s newer router firmware available for the other models that have been sent out to bring them all up to the standard of the current model DWA0130 Then this can be done from behind the scenes or manual file download & update from within the router themselves.

While I am a community member and a customer as well with such a small team of (10+) that Cuckoo has it allows them to make sure that things don’t get out of hand and with customers working together and interacting with the team it gives people a better understanding that your talking to a real person and being listened to and that understands your issues and not just reading off a script and I use the term loosely “Fobbing You Off” as I’ve had enough of that from previous providers this is why Cuckoo Is Different and it enables answers to be obtained quicker.