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Just joined Cuckoo and already bumped into issues that apparently need resolving here in the communities.

I was sent a Techniclor TG589vac v2 with Software Version: 17.2.0411-0901011 dated 2018

Nowhere in the web-ui there is an option to setup parental controls despite of what the manual states.

Notice that the manual Becca provided to me is for a Technicolor Technicolor DWA0130 though.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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Welcome @foo_master (Hernando) To The Cuckoo Community & The Flock :smile: :egg:

Oh Dear That’s not good at all…Im starting to see a pattern here that incorrect models are being sent out when they are requested by the team from the suppliers :frowning_face:

while they should still be compatible with the service this would explain why @becca has sent you the manual for the current model (DWA0130) that should have been supplied to you so thanks for pointing this out

I’ll have to get this looked into as it’s going to create a support nightmare where the screenshots that are on the website and community MAY not look correct for the router you have.

It might be a case that the team will have to start asking what model you have like I do on here as if I don’t have access to a certain model then screenshots will have to be provided and I will have to guide from there.

In your case I suspect a replace & return may need to be done so that your on the correct model that any of the team can access and support.

Let me see what I can find on this model number in the meantime and I’ll come back to you.


I’ve Just Spoke With @Oliver (The Head Of Service) and he informs me that the different routers that are being supplied are indeed due to a supply issue so while these WILL be compatible with the Cuckoo service it’s just going to take time to get used to the different menus.

But…I like a challenge !!! :smile:

I have just responded via email @foo_master. As @PhantomR1982 mentions, we briefly had supply issues due to Brexit causing severe delays in UK ports for seemingly all routers in to the UK across the network. As a result, we briefly had to use other routers to ensure customers were not impacted.

The routers are all very similar, so you should not notice any difference in performance. As mentioned on email, we can try to get another router sent out should we not be able to set up parental controls on your device (as we know we can on the other devices).


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@PhantomR1982 & @foo_master I have added the new manual to our help centre page for you both to peruse:

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Okay, just checked manuals and logged in as an engineer.

The TG589vac v2 has not got parental control so can I have a router that has it please?

Hiya @foo_master (Hernando)

While I haven’t fully read the manual that @Oliver has linked for us and everyone to view I’m entirely grateful for his speed on loading this up on the website. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Looking through the manual for your Router Model if you read Section 6.1 (Page 58) of your manual the section marked “ToD (Time Of Day Control)” this is effectively the Parental Controls that will allow you to select the device(s) that you want to put on a schedule eg…9am - 7pm to only access the internet to that device during this time schedule after which there device will be blocked from accessing the internet until the next day.

I also believe I’ve seen this in the main router that Cuckoo supply by default.

Well, you can spin the “ToD” as a parental control and I somewhat agree with you but it is not going to cut it simply b/c It does not prevent access to specific websites or/and content, which is the role of the Parental Control card in a router with one.

Again and for clarity, TG589vac v2 routers do NOT have parental control and only provide a ToD service.

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I’ll check the Technicolor DWA0130 to see if there is website blocking functions this afternoon.

ToD is normally suitable for most users this is why I pointed this out to you.

I recall a High End BT Business Router (it was huge) back In 2005 when I was at a training centre had serious lockdown functions like your asking for where it locked down specific websites and types but that router at the time was in the £300 mark when they had to replace it due to the centre being broke into overnight.

I ended up walking over to Maplin and using my last £100 on my card to buy a Modem/Router just to help the training centre function or they would have had to close the door.

But I’m not trying to Spin it any way as you suggested I agree with you as I couldn’t find any Full On Parental Controls in the manual either.