Pay Upfront Discount?


I recently switched from Origin after they couldn’t fix a slow tbbx issue and have appalling customer service.

They did have one option I liked - I was able to pay for one year upfront and get a 16% discount on the usual monthly price.

I’ve joined you guys because I like the philosophy and flexibility and so far all seems good.
If I’m confident I want to stay with you would you consider offering a similar upfront payment discount?



Hiya @AndyH & Welcome To The Cuckoo Community !!! And also to the Flock :smiley: :hatched_chick:

Now This is a Very Good Idea and I’ve often thought about it this myself where back in the day there was discounts available on only the Phoneline Portion of 12 Month+ Contracts which was very handy to keep the rest of the bill down when your on a budget so I’m glad to see someone else has posted this idea though :+1:

I’m going to tag the team into this @oliver @alex @tommy @dan @Mikkie @jake @afenton90 @Insung as it’s a powerful thought that could be considered.

I’m not sure how they would implement it just now but I’m sure a brainstorming session could create something magical.

Thanks For Your Thought.

P.s Are you on supply just now or waiting to Go Live

Do you think it might go against our ethos of 1 plan, 1 price for all? Or would you not think about that?

Edit: What terms do they lock you into for the 12 months? Or is it just pay 359 now, then after the 12 months it goes back into another term, or another 12 months?

I am now live and no longer experiencing the tbbx issue from before (I knew it was their end.)
I’m getting good speeds and low ping, no packet loss either (I use thinkbroadband monitor)

Thanks, I thought it was a good idea.

@dan , to my mind having it as an option wouldn’t go against the ethos. I believe people are fed up of having a bad experience and being locked in for a year or more, if they find out after a month or two with you that all is well then why not sign up for longer if there’s a discount.

Regarding the terms of Origin’s 12 month plan, I paid £240 for 12 months. It then becomes a monthly rolling at the standard non-reduced price, you can start another 12 month one if you like.

I even thought you could let people build a custom plan, different discounts depending on length. There’s your brainstorming session :stuck_out_tongue:

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I only asked this as I was unsure and couldn’t give you the correct greeting which I’ve now updated above.

Don’t forget theres a Referal System & Link under your account to bring anyone else in that you may think might benefit to.

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Hey @AndyH !

I actually love this idea - Dan and I are just having a chat and think it could work.

Could be a simple option in the join journey:

PAY MONTHLY £29.99/month
PAY ANNUALLY X% discount at £X/month

Gonna think on this :raised_hands:


You could give people the option to switch to this almost when they wanted ( end of 30 day term) and those who didn’t want to wouldn’t have to. Each to their own etc - as long as it works for you it will work for us :slight_smile:

You wouldn’t even have to worry about contracts because people would be opting in for 12 months - and therefore would stay for that long ( or longer) but it would be by their own doing. People seem to be much more willing when they have the control - and this would give us total control and therefore less resistance as there is no contract it’s just PAYG for 12 months essentially.

Also maybe do a 12 month price with the router included? I know it’s a £140 router according to Amazon - but even on top that’s still a good deal.


Hi Tommy. Yea, sign up for a lifetime to get… Who knows how much discount…!

Give me free internet as a reward for this idea :stuck_out_tongue: (Semi-joke because a forum for business suggestions is to my mind a grey area of overlap between customer/employee, I’m glad it exists though :slight_smile: )

I think so long as you emphasise the current plan as “One month rolling” there shouldn’t be confusion.


Yeah like that idea too @PeteC :thinking:

I’ll bring this up with the rest of the gang in the morning and let you know what they say.


I’d be happy to pay £29,99 x 12 as it means I don’t have to worry for a year - I pay whatever services allow upfront because I hate contracts - hence why I am here :slight_smile:

Give Andy something for his idea I say :wink:


@James @James_W would be so proud to see this comment he always used to come up with fun facts like this too.

On second thoughts didn’t @alex try this in the beginning on people having bad internet providers he’s one Sneaky Cuckoo so this applies to him.

I’m not saying anything to this typo lol.

Maybe this would sound better I think…maybe without the supplied router ??.

Think away…I knew this would get the brain cells churning.

Sheesh if you get this reward I’ll be clucking mad lol (only joking).

I Agree…I Wonder If There’s any Cuckoo T-Shirts still Available @phantomr1982 goes & hides in the shadows

A Cockoo is a Male thing no@ :joy:

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