Phone line migrated but FTTC not enabled


I’ve got an ADSL2+ line that is migrating from Plusnet to Cuckoo today.

At about 12:15 pm the line was disconnected at the exchange (no dial tone or sync). It was reconnected a few minutes later. After being reconnected, calling 1571 now results in a different greeting to before (not the regular Plusnet/BT one). I’m guessing this is the phone line migrating to Talk Talk LLU.

After the reconnection, my old router resynced with ADSL2+ (with a DLM reset), but now fails to connect with PPP (no surprise if it’s now a Talk Talk LLU line).

I’ve plugged in the Cuckoo router. That’s also now syncing with ADSL2+ and also failing to negotiate the PPP connection (see the screenshots below).

Is it normal for there to be such a long delay between the work at the exchange and cabinet for ADSL2 to FTTC migrations (a little over 3 hours now)? Do I just need to be more patient?

One other thing to note. Plusnet wrote to me to tell me that my phone service was moving, but said that they’d not received confirmation of the broadband moving. I had assumed that was just a problem on Plusnet’s end at the time.



2021-05-10 Physical Link Status

I’ve just received a message from Plusnet saying my ‘broadband service is scheduled to transfer automatically on 11th May’ (tomorrow).

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Firstly I need to state that Cuckoo Runs on FTTC Fibre which isn’t an ADSL2+ Service so the transfer over should put you into VDSL2 (TalkTalk Business) mode which is a lot different to the normal TalkTalk that other Home Users have.

Why it’s synced you up onto ADSL2+ Is beyond me from the screenshot you provided as the router normally detects the right mode on the line unless this is still plusnet looking at the router stats you provided.

Have you had the text message from Cuckoo to say all has gone ahead if today is your Go Live Date as this is when things are in there hands and it can officially take up to midnight to fully resolve itself in the day if not sooner…you should be resynced on VDSL not ADSL this normally takes 30 minutes after the Go Live Text/Email has arrived and the Cuckoo Router is plugged into the line and then the DLM Will start for the next 10 days.

The Dial Tone will indeed be different but not much different to what your used to.

Is FTTC available in your Area ??? You can check this here

and then take a screenshot & post the results image here but just make sure to crop the top of the image before posting as it reveals your location.

The team have seen this occurance before where ADSL2+ has shown up but only in areas where FTTC is patchy.

You can email in on to create a support ticket and the team will investigate what’s happening.

This may just be when they stop billing you after cuckoo has fully took over the line seeing as the line has dropped and reconnected and you can hear the different dialtone I’d say this has possibly already happened.

Hi @PhantomR1982,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I’m aware Cuckoo is FTTC - I am expecting to migrate from ADSL2+ to FTTC/VDSL2.

I’ve not had a text from Cuckoo yet today, just the one yesterday saying my broadband will activated today.

As far as I understand, the fact that the router is still syncing with ADSL2+ means that BT Openreach haven’t yet done any work in the cabinet. If they had, it wouldn’t be possible to establish a connection to the exchange with ADSL because the xDSL component gets diverted from the exchange to the FTTC cabinet.

FTTC/VDSL is available on my line:

Hiya @philr

I’ve just spoken with one of the Cuckoo Team Members @Becca regarding this and she has asked if you can email in from your Cuckoo account email address on the above address then they can find your line and find out what’s going on.

From your results image I can see you appear to have excellent VDSL Hardware in your area so it should have switched you over to this when it dropped and reconnected,I was just concerned that you may have not realised the difference in Fibre Technology From ADSL which can be confusing.

There is an Option in the Router to Switch To VDSL Mode but this normally done Automatically when it’s detected on the line.

Hope This Helps & I’m sure Becca Will Work her magic for you as she’s quite impressive (don’t tell her I said that) :smiley:

Thanks @PhantomR1982. I’ve just emailed (support request 14780).

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The service switch can also be done remotely via the systems that the Cuckoo Team use when the line has been transferred to there control but there are occasions where the engineer does need to go to the cabinet/pole/exchange as well.

The team will look into the support ticket you have raised and reply to you directly on that ticket.

Your still welcome to interact around the forum while they sort this for you.

Hi @PhantomR1982 and @philr

I have just picked up the email in our inbox and got back to you, sorry for the delay I was flying round doing the parenting thing before logging back on for the evening.

Thanks for the glowing recommendation phantom! Unfortunately you let the cat out of the bag in your post.


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Oh Dear Did I Really let the cat out of the bag :frowning: I guess I must work on concealing the praise for certain team members :laughing: when they umm do there work correctly.

I cant show favouritism now can i :thinking:

Anyways I’m sure @philr will be safe in your Eggs-ellent hands.

@Becca has worked her magic and provided temporary ADSL connection details whilst we wait for BT Openreach to complete the FTTC installation work. I’m now back online, albeit somewhat slower than expected for now.

Thanks @Becca and @PhantomR1982 for your help.

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