Plex Server setups

Recently I’ve been looking at what would be the best solution to cut the cord from the standard UK TV providers. Most of them have a pretty rubbish UI on the box, content is “meh”, and streaming is my go to viewing now anyway which make it not worth the monthly subscription.

I’m looking into setting up a Plex Server on a Raspberry Pi 4, with a connected HDHomeRun for Freeview, then view on the many, many devices we have.

I’m interested to see if anyone else has tried to do this (specifically for Freeview) and how it went?

I have “Plex” on my Xbox 360 and I’ve pondered looking at it but never got round to it.

However RPi4’s are powerful little devices to play with.

I have a friend who built a bartop arcade unit on a rpi3 setup all setup running rom’s

Hopefully there’s someone out there that’s tried your option.

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Really hoping I can go down the Raspberry Pi route and it will be powerful enough to run it and transcode everything too.

I’m quite intrigued to see how well the RPi 4 runs Plex as I tried it on a 3B+ and it didn’t work so well :frowning:

I’m hoping the extra RAM and CPU + GPU upgrades make a difference!

As for what I use, I have a little micro desktop PC and that seems to run stuff fine.

I got it second hand from cex for not too much - around £150~

That’s a nice alternative. Had a look at some mini cases last night to see if it would be worth just doing a self build Home Theatre PC. This case won me over.

Was the RPi 3B+ not powerful enough @ChrisR5 ?

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Nope, just too under powered. It ran out of memory really quickly and the CPU + GPU just weren’t beefy enough to support good enough transcoding.

Nice case too! I’ve currently got a fractal design case for my main PC.

That’s good to know actually as that was one of my main concerns that it just wouldn’t be powerful enough for transcoding, especially 4K.

That’s it, I’m off PC shopping this weekend (socially distanced of course)!


Nice Case !!! ITX Mainboards were to fiddly & small for me compared to Micro ATX Boards so I always compromised and went For a Full Size Mainboard in a Beefy £30-£50 Case my two main Favourites were Foxconn & Mercury with Inwin as my Final Choice with its almost tool free design.

Is this named in honour of you @PhantomR1982? InWin A1 PLUS Phantom Gaming Edition

Some of those Inwin cases are very nice!

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Hahaha I Wish @afenton90 !!! There’s loads of products these days containing my name and it makes me laugh when I see them.

I should really buy them to live up to my legacy alas a name isn’t everything to me.

That’s a snazzy choice though & the QI Wireless Charger is a real selling point in the modern era.

I had a server style Beige Full ATX tool-less case at the time which I think was £90 on its own ready to build like this one (same style).

Foxconn and Inwin For Me Are The Quality Built Cases heavy but worth it

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