Poor connection, links to speedtest included

My connection is terrible, are there any issues going on?

I’m only allowed to post 2 links here, but I did run around 5 tests.

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Hiya @dale & Welcome Back To The Cuckoo Community :smiley: :hatched_chick:

Firstly you are correct about the link posting that’s just because of your “new” user status on your community profile and to avoid spamming and fake account creation but you can lift these restrictions easily just by sticking around a little and doing a few things to prove your not a robot :robot: plus you can read this link here → Understanding Discourse Trust Levels | Blog

However on my side it states your actually a “Basic” user anyways so you may have elevated yourself already and those restrictions should have been lifted if you’ve received the “Basic” Badge.

While I don’t have access to your Location through the forum I have checked the network checker and I can’t see anything impacting the network badly.

Looking at your speedtest’s however I can see that there is a download speed issue somewhere if the testing location is set to your nearest server.

When you ran the above tests did you run them directly connected to the router via ethernet cable or via WiFi from your Technicolor Router.

Did you try a 60 second power down by switching off the router and then powering back on to see if the refresh method works and finds you a better location or does this speed re-occur.

While I don’t want to sound like a cliche (and I probably already have above) I’d raise a ticket with the team by emailing hello@cuckoo.co and one of the team @Becca or @Oliver will get back to you during normal working hours as they have better network tool access than I do and can run line checks etc.

Hey @Dale. Just ping hello@cuckoo.co a line and we’ll get on it

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So I did a bit of digging and it turns out it’s the setup in my house that keeps dropping for some reason.

I have the router plugged into the main socket where the line comes into the house upstairs in the spare room, then I have my PC connected to a Wi-Fi extender using an ethernet cable downstairs. I don’t know why it’s just decided it doesn’t like it as it’s been setup like this for some time but anyway.

So, would this work with my router? As I don’t have full Wi-Fi throughout the house anyway so now is probably a good time to look at investing. I can’t go down the route of having everything wired as much as I’d love to, so looking at next best options.

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Hiya @Dale

I’m quite surprised that your master socket cones in upstairs instead of by the front door but every property is different in layout such as upstairs lounges etc.

What was the error you were finding in your home ?? was the wifi extender struggling to connect under 5GHZ as most older extenders only support 2.4ghz.

I always smile when I see TP Link Products posted when they are not from me. :smiley:

I have a Friend in Brazil Who has this exact model and he advises me often that it gets regular updates and alerts currently to his email and the TP Link Deco app (only way to configure it) as he has a Iarge property this is what I recommended to him to cover the space as he’s very tech conscious and security is a priority this worked with his existing system with only old age to blame on certain pieces of tech on his property.

He already used one of there products as they use a virgin media coaxial type Modem only product for internet service there.

This system is similar to the BT Adverts you see where they have circular discs on the walls for the whole home product as an additional cost per month

So YES they are worth the investment but do require LAN Cables from the router to the underside for them to initially setup and then they can be run wirelessly or with a cable.

If you want to cover a larger range then go for the M9 Version while slightly dearer it maybe worth considering.

TP LINK also do some deals with certain supplies as a popup voucher code on there website when you view directly so check that out before buying even from Amazon UK.

There are newer versions of there Modem/Router products that are starting to roll out with deco/mesh support in there software such as the Archer VR400 V3 model the next one up to the one I use Which is a nice feature but you will need to put your Cuckoo Router into modem only mode and let the Deco M5 Take over the Routing.

Thanks for replying Phantom.

I live in the sticks so I’m still fed by a telegraph pole rather than below ground services so that could explain it, although my previous house in the town centre also had the main socket in the spare bedroom upstairs too :man_shrugging:t3:

So with regards to these discs, are you saying even the one i site furthest away from the router will need to be connected via Ethernet before it’ll work? Seems a bit daft if that’s the case as that’s quite an distance!

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Hiya @dale

From my understanding once they are setup using ethernet the discs then take over via the wireless mesh technology so as users seemlessly move between deco pods and floors once placed it will keep you connected without any noticeable drops in wifi speed it just needs the ethernet to get the information on your router and connection to set itself up with the app.

Now my Modem/Router Archer VR400 V2 covers everywhere in my place as it’s got 3 dual signal antennas on the back which I can adjust if a certain area is a little weak.

As long as the incoming ISP speeds stay stable then yes the Deco M5’s will be your worthwhile investment and you can add on extra discs later too.

I just got to the point I wanted to stay with 1 unlocked router I owned and then I just update the connection details If and when I decide to change providers which I have done a lot.

It’s my way of being simple and not having to learn a new router all the time but just keeping the ISP Supplied One as a backup.

The Deco Series are only a Router and doesn’t contain a Connection Modem and this is what sometimes catches people out.

You can run the discs with an ethernet cable attached as well if you wish but I’d walk around your home and find where you want the signal to be strong (check your Mobile Devices WiFi signal) and count up how many pods you think you may need or start with the 1 pack or 3 pack and add on others once configured at a later date.

BT Charge £10 extra per month per disc for there version as a side feature to the connection price which put me off.

Well I went ahead and ordered the one from the original link and all is well. In fact, I now have the fastest connection I’ve ever had at this property!

To cover what was mentioned above, setup is really easy.

Connect the first one to the router when instructed by the phone app, then connect your phone to the new WiFi network. Then connect your next one via the phone app and keep going until your done. As long as your phone is connected to the new WiFi network, you can connect a new disc, so that’s probably what dictates the strength and area of your network.

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Hiya @dale

Wow that was a fast purchase and install :astonished:

I’m So Glad to hear that your happy with your new TP Link DECO M5 and that it’s making you smile.

While the ping/latency is still a little high 16ms for my liking on a fibre connection the WiFi speeds should compensate for this but this could also be dependant on which speedtest server you used to run the test on as I always change mine to my nearest point.

Keep the thread updated if you encounter any issues or notice anything different as it’s all valuable information for anyone searching the forum.

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