Post a picture of your pet

We have a love of dogs at Cuckoo and they’re always making appearances in our meetings or at our office.

Post away!

This is Rosie, she’s 9 and a West Highland White Terrier. She loves squeaky toys, chasing pigeons and cuddles.

This is Paco; my (nearly) 2 year old cavachon… :sweat_smile:

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This is Ronnie/Bonnie (me and my other half can’t agree on the name after 3 years, so we just left it at something very similar. He is a rescue dog from Cyprus that was picked up off the street. Been one of the most rewarding things over the last couple of years turning him from a ferrel thing into a prince. Responds to commands in both English and Greek.


Omg that is a snug little ensemble he has on.

Our office space is very pro dogs (we had a corgie and a boxer running around yesterday which was fun).

Alex, I’m thinking I’ll have to get a thicker coat or jumper for the dog. He’s only ever known Cyprus winters and summers. Think even summer in Scotland might give him a bit of a shock :sweat_smile:

He’ll have a shock when he comes to the UK! Rosie starts panting whenever it goes hot here. Can you imagine taking a British dog to Cyprus? Where about are you in Cyprus… I went on holiday to Protaras once?

The dogs never stop panting, or at least mine hasn’t. It gets tricky in the August when you have to wait till 11 at night to take them for a walk and its still 26c. British dogs aren’t too bad after 6 months or so. It’s all about when you arrive. Feb/March/April is the best time as its the most similar to UK weather in temperature and wetness.

I live near Limassol. Protoras is lovely, fig tree bay especially - although the area has really suffered with lack of tourism. Favourite bit of Cyprus is probably Pissouri.

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AS IF I MISSED THIS THREAD! I’m what can only be described as the Crazy Dog Lady.

Here is a photo of myself and Cooper AKA. Koopa Troopa, Snooper, Snoop Dog. I also have a less photogenic German Shepherd Arlo AKA. Grumpy

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Used to think I was a dog person until I had Odin, unfortunately he passed away 3 weeks ago at the age of 8 with oral cancer.
But I miss him lots and I love this picture.
I have now decided I’m an animal lover.
R.I.P Odin June 2021