PPP Authentification failed?

Hello Cuckoo Team,

So I got the text message about my go live day and plug in my router. All lights turned green except for the @ light and the “i” light on my router. I tried all the steps listed on Cuckoo’s website to reboot and reset router however nothing was working. After calling support they sent us a new router that came in the next day but when I plugged it in the same issue persisted. Upon closer investigation on the gateway ( there was a message saying PPP authentification failed

I saw this help discussion from another user Delay In Go Live however that also did not seem to work as the suggested settings from this forum where already the default on our router.

Is there anything else we can do to try and solve this issue?

Hiya @ng1111

Sorry for the delay in responding to you as somehow I seemed to have missed this post and for some strange reason I didn’t get alerted to it under my usual timescale.

Firstly Under the “Internet Access” tab what does it say for the username is it still showing as “tr69” or your “cuckoo username”.

The interesting part of your post is that it’s detecting the line speed and the internal IP address correctly so it’s sounds more of a handshaking (connection) issue between you and the network which would need looking at by the team as I don’t have access to these systems

also what model Technicolor routers have you had/received just for reference,the software looks similar to what I have.

Have you tried to hard reset the router first with a needle or pin in the hole next to the power button on the router ???

Basic questions to ask that you may have heard many times before but it all helps and avoids sending out a OpenReach engineer.

Hello there @PhantomR1982
Under the internet account it has the tr69autoconfig@cuckoo.co account, I also tried my own PPP username and password from my cuckoo account (under tab person details —> PPP information) and doing a reset however that did not work.

I recently got technicolor model DGA0122NLK (black router) after having TG589vac v2 (the white router)

and yes, after making changes I’ve trying turning off unplugging after three minutes, soft reboot, hard reset using a paper clip to the button on the back. Basically most of what was listed from here Why is my internet not working? - Cuckoo Help & Support

Okay that sounds like a handshaking issue on your line,basically put the “tr69” username contacts the Cuckoo systems and confirms that your a valid customer and when this is done on the background network system it downloads your details and replaces them in the router with your cuckoo details and then goes ahead to update the software to the latest version and then allows you to connect to the service initially this takes up to 30 minutes and then away you go.

As your Go Live Date has passed and you’ve stated you’ve had the text message to confirm its live and it’s not the router I think the team need to check your line or send an engineer to see what’s going on.

As it’s the weekend this is harder to sort rather than weekdays but let me see what I can do.

I’m going to send you a Private Message shortly as I need to confirm a couple of details first.

@PhantomR1982 Thank you so much I was going crazy scrolling through this forum to try and troubleshoot this issue

Also for reference here was the other help discussion thread I used to try and troubleshoot Wifi stopped working - #15 by PhantomR1982

Just for Reference & Knowledge PPP Is short for Point 2 Point Protocol (should be called P2PP) And it works just like a phone call and the other person isn’t answering or has changed there phone number.

So whats needed is to reactivate/turn on the other ends phone number so you can say hello to them (cuckoo) as this is the “Authentication Failed” bit. (No Answer).

I know how crazy it can get TroubleShooting things,but when your a madman it normally make more sense.

Hope this makes it more simple to understand.

Thanks for clarifying that makes sense!!

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