PPP Connecting / Router continually disconnecting

Hi guys

Any network issues today? My router keeps disconnecting and then reconnects the broadband but internet access only stays on for a few seconds before disconnecting again.

Been happening for the last hour or so, any ideas? And yes, I’ve tried a router reset :wink:


Hi Greg

Just checked your router status at my end and it seems like this could be a network issue.

Could you send us an email over to hello@cuckoo.co and we’ll troubleshoot this with you and run some tests?

This is the best way to contact us about these sorts of issues as we don’t have the full access to your info from here on the forum.



Thanks to @Oliver for arranging the Openreach engineer visit today, he replaced the socket and did something on the line externally. Speed now upto what it was when I first joined with Cuckoo, and the line should be more stable now :partying_face: