Problem with my order?

Hi, I’m moving to a new house this week. I’ve signed up for Cuckoo internet and had a text to say the router has been dispatched. The “go-live” date is supposed to be Monday 8th Feb. However, I’ve just received an email this evening that says:

“problem with your order” "We have received communications from Openreach regarding your order. If you have booked an engineer, this usually means they have accepted the booking. However if there are additional works required you will be contacted.

Why has my go live date changed?

We’re sorry for any inconvenience that this causes, and will let you know if this date changes again. "

At no point in the email does it say anything about what date the go-live will actually be??

Can someone please confirm what exactly is going on? I’m already stressed from moving house this week and really don’t need extra stress from unclear communications regarding my installation.


Hiya @Enduro (Philip) & Welcome to the Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

Sorry To Hear that you have had an unclear email communication with regards to your connection on the 8th February im guessing this is at the new property that your moving too based on the limited information above & I hope the router has arrived to you within the normal timescales that were on your account timeline.

Please Dont Stress about your House Move as I know when the team sees this post during normal working hours they will get back to you as soon as possible.

It does seem that the email you’ve quoted is a bit generic and automated so thanks for this feedback & for this reason im letting the Head of Tech @dan know about this via his tag & also @Tommy as these are the people that can sort these things out going forward.

The best way to get an explanation to the email you received is if its come from then just reply to it from the account email address you signed up with asking what the issue is with the basic information below:-

  • Full Name

  • User ID (email)

  • Full address

  • Home telephone number (for the account/connection location)

  • Description of the problem and when it started

or by logging into your online cuckoo account to see if anything has changed on the timeline there & if it hasnt then please send an email to the above address so a ticket can be created & addressed.

Im also tagging @oliver & @jake into this so they see it tomorrow when they arrive at the office.

Once Again Please Dont Stress as Cuckoo are not like Other ISP’s that may mess you around.


Thank you for the reply. I’ll wait to hear back from the other members you have tagged.

As well as the nonsensical email I received, another part of my concern comes from when I phoned virgin media last week to cancel my existing broadband, I told the lady I had signed up with Cuckoo and she stated that “Cuckoo uses openreach and all openreach installations have been delayed by at least 4 weeks possibly longer, so you may well not have internet until the end of March”

I just assumed this was a scare tactic to make me stay with virgin, so I ignored her, but it will be very interesting to see if any of what she said turns out to be true.


I do know Openreach have put a pause on FTTP (Fibre to the Property) installations until at least March due to the level of work required and in line with COVID restrictions. Cuckoo uses FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) which is a different technology so I wouldn’t worry too much about that :slight_smile:

Sometimes what can happen is if you move into a property that has had a line inactive for so long then extra works are required to get it up and running.

Normally when there is a delay on an order due to Openreach, it would be a little unfair to give you a brand new date straight away as there can be some variables required to get the works completed ; ie, Openreach might need to arrange permission to carry out the work etc. Rest assured though you will get a new commited date as soon as practically possible :slight_smile:

In saying that, once the guys have been able to look into the specifics of your account in the morning you should have a better understanding as to what exactly has caused the delay :slight_smile:

I hope this helps a little for now!


Hi @Enduro. We’re looking into this. We don’t say your new date because we dont have that information straight away however we still want to give you an update about whats happening. We’ll looking to explain why this is the case in all future emails we send. We’ll also get back to you if you email as @PhantomR1982 said! Thanks for sticking with us.


Hi @enduro, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

As mentioned above, we’ve got the team looking at your individual case as I type. Look out for replies from!

Regarding the messaging communication, I’m going to review the comms we sent you and see what improvements we can make for others that face a similar scenario in future.



Now this is what I call the “Cuckoo Communuty Working together like a Flock of Birds”.

While the Virgin Media Agent you mentioned above seemed to be doing a scare tactic to get you to stay with them what I must state on this is as your “Changing Network Types” from Virgin’s Cable Network To Openreach’s Fibre/Copper Network

  1. Theres a strong chance you wont be able to keep the Existing Telephone Number you had on the change


  1. Its always advised NOT to cancel a Virgin Media contract untill you know that you have gone live with your Openreach Partner just incase of any minor blips like this and also that you still have a valid Internet connection during this time.

But Rest assured the info @RyanK92 gave you above about an inactive Openreach Line or No Line at the property at all does require investigation.

The Cuckoo Team will look after you So Dont Worry to much.