Pulled the Trigger!

I just want to say thanks to Cuckoo for making the sign up process so nice and easy for me yesterday. @Alex

no faffing about! Just a few details entered and then order placed. Very refreshing!

Go live date is for the 22nd Jan.
Hoping it’s quicker though to be honest as I have a 3 year old and 10 year old with no internet in a short rental place at the moment.
Having to also use my hotspot to work from home (work in IT so lots of remote jobs) it’s costing me an arm and a leg in data add ons with Vodafone.


Hey @Holmesy and welcome to the flock!

I’m sort of in the same position at the moment, with me being in a short rental place (I don’t know if or when I’m going to be needing to move!). I’ve been really satisfied with Cuckoo over the last 4/5 months, especially since it’s a monthly rolling contract and the best speed I can get on the line!

Hopefully you’ll have a really good experience too!


Thanks @ChrisR5

I’m sure everything will be just grand (fingers crossed)


PhantomR1982 scratches the top of his helmet

No Faffing About and @alex in the same sentence that doesnt seem right at all.

:confused: :confused: :confused:

@Holmesy There is a standard connection timescale of up to 14 days between your old provider or even a new provider install which includes a cooling off/cancelation period that cant always be gotten around however this 14 day period I must mention is Working Days which is normally Monday - Friday which is silly really when everyone else in the world has to work weekends so why not the ordering teams.

However on the day of your connection it can be anytime up to 12am but this is normally a lot sooner and earlier in the day.

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Hi @Holmesy, echoing what @PhantomR1982 mentioned. Under Ofcom regulation, internet service providers are required to wait 10 working days to takeover the connection (thus 14 real days).

This can be pushed to 5 working days if there is no previous connection at the property, however as Openreach are incredibly busy in December and January, this is not possible at the moment.

The regulation is designed to allow the consumer to cancel the switch without incurring fees. Once your go live date hits, we have no obligation to refund the setup fee (or for other companies, cancel your 18-month contract). We would love for there to be a waiver for this for instances such as yours, however this does not yet exist.


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You’re so mean :sob: (joke)

And welcome to the flock @Holmesy! And if its not a too impertinent question, what do you do in IT?

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Hi @Alex

I work as an Apple Engineer face to face and remote for contracted clients and ad-hoc public. Mostly MacOS & iOS.
I spent 7 years at Apple before trying my hand at something else but quickly came back to my bread and butter as to be honest, it’s all I really know…
my current workplace do a little Windows work for clients but our work is 95% Apple.

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Can you tell me how to fix the bloody butterfly keys on my MBP Mid-17 model haha the ‘B’ key is a pain but I really do think ill break it if I take it apart.

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^^ second this! My spacebar is a nightmare

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Hi @dan

People still own the 17" ? it’s a big boy that one! What OS you running on that puppy?

The keys are a nightmare on all the Macs to be honest.
It’s the white butterfly/Scissor mechanism under the key that is possibly causing the issue but without seeing it It’s hard to call.
The mechanism can come loose and need clipping back in and then the B key sliding back in too.

Sometimes, and I know this sounds silly but it can be the crumbs from that Pret sandwich you bought for lunch last week that crept in under the keys and just needs blowing out.
the worse thing I found under a key was a small dead spider from when a customer of mime went to Africa travelling. Luckily for me…it wasn’t a black widow!

Only recently did Apple redesign the keys and keyboards across the range.
They even had a repair program running not long ago where customers were coming in and having all the keyboards replaced (top case apple call it)

That’s the good thing about Apple. They admit a fault and then get to work sorting it out no questions asked.

No sorry its a 15inch mid-2017 model MBP :slight_smile:

I think ill mostly live with it being crap as I do use the wireless keyboard 99% of the time

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ah in that case you might want to get yourself in to the Apple store and collect that free keyboard you are entitled too :slight_smile:



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Check the link above Oliver.

You also may be entitled to a new keyboard.

Thanks! I have been monitoring this for a few weeks, however cannot get a slot in Edinburgh :cry:

if you look up who your local Authorised Apple reseller is they will also honour the repair for free :slight_smile: Doesn’t have to be an official store. As long as they are an official Apple reseller/repair centre.

here is the link:


click on the ‘‘Bring in for repair’’ option and see what is around you.

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