Questions and a suggestion!

Hi all,

I came across cuckoo randomly online and I’m very interested in joining once our contract with plusnet/BT ends in April however I have a few questions…

Our line isn’t the best as we have aluminum mixed-in along the way so very prone to ‘phantom’ faults, plusnet in the past have automatically sent out OR to fix, only to find doesn’t exist, this then results in the engineers getting mardy telling us not to raise a fault - it wasn’t even us! Please tell me you guys don’t book OR without asking first. To PNs credit they did disable the auto-call-out. I don’t want that mess ever again!

Do you just use talktalk or do you give customers an option as to which network is used? I’ve read so many horror stories, especially with regards to line numbers going missing.

Reverse DNS, what is the default, ip address, or is it like what talktalk use, e.g, ‘’? I know it’s network dependent but the main thing is can it be changed? Seeing as a static IP is extra a custom rdns would be nice.

Similarly to the prev question, is it possible to choose the default route/gateway and DNS remotely?

What kind of filtering/logging is used on the connection and does the router provided log anything at all?

Are the PPP login details available on-line to customers?

Is there an IRC channel for cuckoo, I’m not a fan of discord and the like.


Finally I have a suggestion that may make cuckoo a bit more unique.

As someone with very poor TV reception due to trees, it would be awesome if TV channels available via free-sat/view could be piped down the connection over UDP/RTP. Pretty much what BT and Talktalk are doing now but with pay channels scrambled using Marlin DRM. It would be awesome to have these channels and maybe vod services without being locked to an STB or DRM.

Many providers in Europe already do this but none in the UK do, at least not without a locked down box and DRM.

Thanks for reading!

Welcome To The Cuckoo Community @mpmc !!! :smiley: :egg:

Randomly Finding Cuckoo is what the team like to hear this early in the game but it
wont be long so im told when the name will make other ISP’S scared when allowing
people to transfer out.

Ok maybe thats an slight exaggeration and thats what i would like to happen.

On With Your Questions !!!

If your unhappy with Plusnet/BT then you can contact any ISP’s Loyalty/Customer Retentions
Team to negotiate a"Get Out Of Jail" Fee unless like many you wish to wait the contract
out & within the last 3 weeks start to arrange a seemless transfer to a New Provider so
theres no downtime.

There is also a Choose Your Connection Date Option on the setup pages at that can be arrange up to 2 Years in the Future if you
want to arrange it all now for example.

Aluminium so i hear from my local OR engineers are a pain the backside to rectify
with broadband signals and i’ve been told that you never want to be put on one of
those lines so im sad to hear that you have some parts along the way…luckily i havent
experienced an Aluminimum Line Service myself so i can only go by what im told.But
im sure that one of the Team such as @alex or @Oliver would put this in your Account
Notes to disable this Auto Call-Out Feature if its Available on there Backend Systems.

But if it Was Me i’d Find a way of getting a new copper cable run to my
property to get me off the Aluminimum Line To Improve Service Offers
but this is a Heavy Task To Accomplish & i’ve been through similar motions
with PlusNet.

Normally OR (OpenReach) Service Calls are Arranged By The Cuckoo Team
& Agreed with the Customer yet some Emergency Situations cant always
be predicted and an engineer will be despatched without warning,where
even the team didnt know until the notes come into your account.

But how dare they use my name as a fault :frowning:
I like Mardy Engineers as they give me an excuse to put them in there place :smiley:

The Cuckoo Network Uses Talk Talk Business Lines to Service the
customers with a better quality of Signal & Speed compared to the
Standard Home User Contracts…but like You I Too Have Read The
Horror Stories and im currently experiencing it using Post Office Broadband
who have there services through a branch of TalkTalk that is truly Awful…half
the time i don’t have a good line or one at all yet they still expect the bill to
be paid.

But at the moment they dont have direct access to the Full OpenReach
Network Equipment…Yet Every New Day Something Changes For The
Better So Stay Tuned !!!

There will be a batch of Dynamic IP Addresses that will be used with the Cuckoo
Service however if you prefer to Opt for a Fixed Static IP Instead this can be Arranged
after your services Go Live…the DNS Results are the Equipment that the current IP Address
is hosted on and to my knowledge cant be changed unless the equipment is Company
Owned just like BT Own There Equipment and TALK TALK Have There Own Equipment
but lease space in the Local Exchange to connect there customers seperately…personally i
could see this Custom DNS Being Costly but i guess Cuckoo’s Head of Tech @dan is
the Guru on this…yet we were talking about changing DNS Domains Recently
to Google’s Defaults within the Cuckoo Router when another customer queried this.

I’ll leave this one For @dan to Answer. :smiley:

All Routers Do Create a System LOG & everything the connection does and
detects will be in this and it can be found within the menus on the routers
system section.

Upon creating a Cuckoo Account there will be certain things such as these
private details that will remain behind a secure padlock & User Account
however if there not online these can be requested by emailing the team
on when your account has been created and the services
have gone live…these detail can then be added to your own Unlocked Hardware
if you dont wish to use the Supplied Cuckoo Router.

Now Your Making ME Feel Old !!! I used to use mIRC back in the day to
escape the Real Word Aggro…these days its Twitch & Discord or Online
Messengers like Facebook,WhatsApp,Telegram etc…Twitch is basically
a new version of IRC anyways with a Fancy Overlay and Video Features.
Like Youtube…Saying That !!!

I Can just Imagine The CEO Making Videos to Promote The Company.

Awww I Want More !!!

This is really an @alex Question as I Dont Believe theres any VOD Services/Packages
Planned at Present as the main idea is to sort out the Broadband Speeds & Customer
Service Aspect…But Maybe Further Down the Line Who Knows Better Than Him.

Don’t feel old, I was a tiny 10y/o using mIRC back in the year 2000 :joy:

Now for a few of the questions:

  1. rDNS isn’t something we can change right now, however static IP’s are an option at an extra cost of 1 pound (sorry I type on a us layout keyboard so I have $ instead of the “POUND” sign hah).
  2. We wholesale off of TTB not the same as TT Retail if that makes sense, we do get more stable connections for our customers this way.
  3. Our routers ship with default Gateways being TT’s, however we recently got these changed to googles as we think they’re better. But these are configurable through the routers admin interface, so feel free to update these.
  4. We don’t log what you do on your connection.
  5. PPP details are available, just email to get them provided back to you, however we have a new area when you login to get there available soon. (I personally like seeing people use their own routers)
  6. I’m not sure about a IRC channel but if theres more than just myself and you that want it I’ll create one.
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Tiny !!! Never in the world Would i believe that.

Thank you both @PhantomR1982 & @dan! I’ve just checked and our contract ends on 13th of July, I’m terrible with both dates and numbers so I’m not sure when I’d need to put in an order for cuckoo to take over the line! I think I’ll have to set a reminder somewhere.

I think you’ve confused DNS servers with default gateway?

Anytime you have questions just ask thats why this Community
is Here @mpmc :smile: :egg:

Based on your date given above if it was me id work your order out as follows.

Option 1) Your “go live” date could be set as the 13th July or a day Later 14th July
So at the point of setup when your ready after entering your postcode and
selecting your address just by ticking the “im still in contract & need a new connection date”
tick box underneath the “Switch ASAP” tick box then by tapping/clicking the new
date box below the calendar should popup and then clicking the month forward arrow
until July 2021 comes up and clicking any date that is black and not greyed out in the date
range you wish.

Just to make sure the Plusnet contract is up and this new date will be the day to plug
in your cuckoo router once it arrives beforehand and your previous router goes down.

Option 2) wait for the old provider contract to be up then stay out of contract
& start the setup that day for 14 Working Days in the future…personally i like
option (1) :smile:

The Team wont create your Account or Request/Charge the Setup Fee until the
Account is Created 2 Weeks Before Your Requested Transfer In Date & if you
provide a mobile number they will keep you up to date via text message as the
wheels start moving on your new cuckoo train.

Cuckoo are trying hard to make Transfers “Simple” and Uncomplicated For Customers
and they are always working on new things to make things even better but as in everything
new there may be a few teething problems and there may not but they will always look
into the issues if any arise.

Yup He has Definitely Confused The Two and is Referring To DNS Servers
which isnt like @dan at all :rofl:

I’m back again, with another burning question!

Having checked out cuckoo, I checked out a few more and come across Pulse8, who it appears like cuckoo are reselling talktalk business broadband, but with a few differences…


  • 67mbps + Line = £29.99
  • Monthly contract
  • Setup fee = £60
  • Router included
  • Standard BT call charges
  • I assume standard level Openreach line care/fault fixing - with possible charges for faults?
  • £1 for static IP


  • 38mbps + Line = £28.00
  • Monthly contract
  • Setup fee = £0
  • You have to provide your own router
  • Cheaper than average call costs compared to BT
  • £1 extra for “Openreach Charge Assurance” = "This service covers any potential Openreach charges to fix a fault on your line.*
  • £2 for static IP

As I previously said I’m terrible with numbers so I could be wrong, but for someone who cannot get the max speed which is the better deal? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Interesting! Never seen them before and they seem to be offering a good value for money service.

Obviously, I’m a bit conflicted about who you should choose! The only thing I would question on their offer is charge assurance. We don’t charge for Openreach visits if there is a problem with the Openreach side of the network (as they cover it under normal agreements).

What speed estimate do you get when you pop your address in to our site @mpmc?

Here you go @Alex :slight_smile:

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