Recommended stand alone modem?

What’s the go to stand alone VSDL modem these days? In the past i’ve used a Draytech vigor 130, but they seem to last a while and die.

I’ve got pretty complex set of requirements, so using the supplied modem / router isn’t really an option. But’d like to keep that in it’s current config incase it’s ever needed. Instead of putting it in modem mode.



Hey Ali. First of all welcome to the forum! I’m going to ask a friend of mine who ran the rollout of full fibre in Jersey what he thinks. He’s big into his routers. I’ve heard good things about the Draytech though haven’t used it yet…How long did yours last?

Hiya @alijnclarke (Ali) & Welcome to the Cuckoo Community :egg: :smiley:

Thats a really good question !!! I’m always looking around for Modem Only Solutions
and back in the day the office i worked in had a standalone Alcatel USB (Green Lilypad)
Modem which was ADSL & connected to a Draytek Vigor 100 for the routing to the
backoffice server and it was a really reliable setup.

I’ve since moved over to TP Link Products but they are mainly Modem/Router Solutions
but i hear that the BT OPENREACH network have three different types for the future roll
out while they extract the Huawei Technology and replace them with Nokia Hardware.

TPLINK’s current built in modems support ADSL/VDSL Standards as default and
can be setup as a modem only solution as well but i guess the more you pay for
a product the more functions it has.

Not Related But i see HTC has some 5G Modem Solutions on there UK site
that EE will be Rolling Out In Enabled Areas.

Hopefully Alex’s Friend has some other insight into this as well so
i’ll be interested too :smiley:

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So my previous ones (granted not used with Cuckoo) lasted anywhere from 3 months to a year, but they’re quite expensive for something that fails that regularly.

I want to avoid huawei if possible… but i’ll probably just end up with another Draytek - thought it was worth asking if anyone had success with others first though


Im hoping for something that literally converts PPPoE into PPPoA so i can use virtualised routers basically. Idea being i can have the modem on a vlan, then then my routers can access it that way.

I’ll start out using pfsense, but long term would like to use vmware NSX, SDN is the way forward

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If you take a look on the TPLINK uk site there may be a solution
on there for you.

Im currently running a TP Link (Archer VR400) Solution and i havent had any issues with it yet
apart from the poor company’s broadband signal that im with but you could also jump into
there forum about modem only products and you’ll find a post from me over there that you
could add some weight on to as they do listen to people and develop solutions to what
people want.

Keep us updated on any models you find :+1:

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