Refer a friend and share £40! Referral scheme now live. 💸

Hi guys,

Big news…our referral scheme is now live!

One of the top asks we’ve had from our customers so far has been to create a referral scheme. Now… you can encourage your friends to join the flock too!

Refer a friend and each of you will get £20 off your next monthly bill.

Simply head to for the details!

This scheme is for customers only :hatching_chick:

As always - feedback, questions and love below.

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:tada: woot woot. Its a bit cumbersome atm but we’ll improve it in the future. We just don’t have enough devs yet!

Hi Alex, amazing news! Congrats on your success :)) We graduated in the same year as per LinkedIn - I went to Cambridge! Please could anyone share the referral code? I am new in my area so don’t know my neighbours yet. Thanks :))

Welcome @Ksenija & Welcome to the Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

I’m sure @Alex or one of the team will inbox you a referral code when they catch up with the messages tomorrow.

Sadly i havent got one to share myself at the moment but if you havent done so yet check to see if cuckoo can service your area first from the homepage by signing up with your email to get a speed estimate at

Certain areas may not be covered due to the technology lacking in the local exchanges but if its a go then im sure that code will be inboxed to you.

Hello! :smile: Thanks, it is available in my area. Would love to sign up with the referral code today.

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Doh… I have literally just signed up (it’s taken soooo long due to a nasty previous broadband contract). Shame I didn’t see this, could have shared the love with someone!

I look forward to properly joining up on the 14th December!



Welcome. And we should have a shiny new referral engine ready for Christmas Day. Which should make it a lot easier to brings friends into the flock. Just need to work out how to transfer the rewards fast!

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Paypal has few systems setup to handle things like this…you could allow it to also handle your monthly billing & payments also as they have a type of direct debit system also.

But Christmas Day is a long way off !!!

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@Tom at least your on the way now to an uncontracted broadband service


True, I have also switched my Dad over. So at least we both benefit from a referral!

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Unless @alex can tweak the referall process on his end the referall only works with a live cuckoo customer to new customer that then has to get tracking approval from the newest member of the team Queen @tabatha after a form is filled in.

Its a Cumbersome process at the moment but hopefully in time it will get better.

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@PhantomR1982 I imagine I qualify as the direct debit and go-live date are both confirmed?

I signed up > Set-up the direct debit (which was confirmed) > was sent account information on email > clicked through to my account where it suggested referring a friend > my Dad signed up > Set up DD > Filled in the referral form.

Assume the above qualifies for the referral? And seeing as the referral is knocked off the first bill… it’s not as if either of us can take the cash and run for the hills…

@Tom the way i saw it in the rules was you as the referer have to be an active customer with your Broadband Services Live and not just an account setup and your account hasnt technically gone live yet or your dads…plus im getting @alex to look
at it for clarification with his rules as he set them.

Also I believe the referee ie your dad had to be active before the referal form was filled in.

You know how all this legal mumbo jumbo can catch people out.

Running for the hills waving cuckoo’s cash would be a funny image however !!

@PhantomR1982 All potentially correct. But as mentioned I was prompted to refer others as soon as I logged into my account. And the referral page says the other party should sign up, then complete the form.

It may well add stipulations in the fine print. Which, if I’m honest, I did not read. But I can’t see there being an issue. . . common sense will prevail I’m sure.

Well @Tom Fingers Crossed all goes to plan and you run to the hills with the Referall Bonus on both of your accounts upon completion for the First Month.

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Hello everyone :grinning:

Has anyone got a referral they would like to share?

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the Community @dannicuckoo!

I’m sure someone here will be happy to share a referral link with you :slight_smile:

Just saw your question above @Tom – yeah don’t worry, common sense will prevail! We will absolutely honour your dad signing up as a legit referral.

Our tech crew are in the process of building our shiny new, automated, fresh-as-pair-of-new-sneaks referral engine at the moment. So by Christmas, it’ll be super simple to refer people.


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Just signed up, would anyone be able to share a referral email address with me? :slight_smile:

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So I’ve actually referred 2 people so far, but I’m just wondering what the timescale is or whether there is any communication I’ll get to confirm the referrals success?
@jobangles still looking for a referal code?