Referral system?

Is there any incentives for referrals at the moment?

How would you go about implementing an referral system?

Hey @daaryll. Yes we have a plan to! Sneak peak below :wink:


I’m fully on board with a decent refferal system! I’m been with both Bulb Energy and Octopus Energy who’s systems are superb.

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Ideal! I’m recommending to my friends and just wondered. Glad to see something in the works.

Any ETA yet? :raised_hands:

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We’re coding atm. So sometime this summer!

If I had to put a date on it, later June.

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Thanks @daaryll & @Tom. Quick questions for you guys –

  1. When would you receive the incentive/cash/reward? Once a month, every 3 months, 6 months? (for every time you refer someone)

  2. Would you prefer cash off your cuckoo bill, or deposit into your bank account?

Both Octopus and Bulb pay once the person you have reffered has finalised the switch process, normally 2-3 weeks. They then give both parties a credit into their account.

With an energy supplier, a credit is useful as your usage changes with the seasons. So you can eat into that credit when winter hits.

Broadband doesn’t have that fluctuation. So I’m not sure an account credit would benefit? It would just sit there as your direct debit would still be pumping money in.

So in answer to your Qs;

  1. I would prefer to recieve the reward monthly.
  2. As there is no bill fluctuation I think cash in the bank would be better.

In addition, I think rewarding both the refferer and the referee is important. It gives the referer a carrot to dangle.

If I built up £X in rewards, I would be happy, at the end of the month, to be given the option to exchange for bolt-on services, buy merch OR withdraw into my bank.

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I would prefer to recieve it at the moment they confirmed their order via my sign up. It’s nice to have a wee surprise reward randomly and it also reminds you to refer more people!

@daaryll @Tom

I was chatting to the team about the referral system yesterday and we agree with you guys that it should probably be something like:

As soon as someone has officially ‘switched’ to Cuckoo then we credit the cash straight into your bank account (potentially reconciled at the end of each month if it’s unrealistic to do it ‘instantly’/the day of)

I love getting a wee surprise reward @daaryll!

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@Tommy Great. :slight_smile:

Would the person signing up receive anything? £X off the router or £X knocked off their first payment for example? Just to give us referers something to tempt them with.

I agree with both @daaryll and @Tom that splitting the referral fee between the two of people is best for incentives!

One snag with immediate payment is if the customer then cancels their order within Ofcom’s 14-day cooling off period. I’m sure there’ll be some sort of solution but we’ll need to think it through.

I do agree though that immediate payment - ideally with a push notification or email confirming the money has gone to your bank - is best for morale and incentivising people to keep referring!


@daaryll @Tom If you log onto our site on Friday you should find something new on this topic :wink:


Hey all,

As you may have seen, we’ve now launched our first referral scheme!

Refer people to our early access list and every two weeks we’ll award:

  • 3 month’s free broadband to the third-highest referrer
  • 6 month’s free broadband to the second-highest referrer
  • A year’s(!) free broadband to the highest referrer

All you need to do is get people to sign up to our early access list using your personal link. (We’ll give you this link in an email once you’ve signed up yourself.) It’s a very straightforward process and they won’t need to enter any bank details.

Over the next few weeks we’ll begin to issue codes to our early access list which allow you to sign up for good. We’re doing this gradually to make sure we can provide a good customer service.

Once we’re fully-fledged (e.g. direct sign-ups rather than via an early access list) we’ll introduce a more standard referral scheme where both the referrer and referee get credit when the referee signs up.

Let us know your feedback, or if you have any questions!

All the best,



Hey @daaryll @Tom . We wrote a guide about how to refer friends below. Feedback would be great!

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Hi @Alex,
Spotted this in my inbox and have signed up. I like it, but only as an opening system.

A nice bit of competition, I didn’t realise (until I read the Medium link) that they only had to register their interest for them to be counted as reffered. Unless I’ve misunderstood?

My issue with competitive referals is that if I refer 5 people. But three others refer 6+. My hard work goes unrewarded. I prefer a system that rewards each individual referal (obviously with less generous rewards).

I generally (with my energy refferals) prefere reffering people in natural conversation, when it pops up. Rather than blanket mad rush to recruit.

So I will be looking forward to the next stage of the refferal system, where perhaps instead of winning a competition to get the most refferals, you instead earn a free month for every person you sign up?

This kind of exlosive, agressive, refferal system is great to start out, but will need to be tamed once people feel saturated with their mates messages.

But as I said, good start! like it.

I think the sign up process is easy, referral system is straight forward and is sufficently rewarding @Alex.

I think leaning too much on word of mouth and utilising the community at this stage in the business is the wrong move though in my opinion, and it’s a little too obvious from the referral system guide.

I think Cuckoo needs some initial paid marketing to kickstart the brand at this stage, fuelled by good reviews in the next stage then referrals will pay dividends later down the line.

It might be a little too early in hindsight to go down this path, albeit I can’t fault the referral system itself.

Thanks @daaryll and @Tom.

@Tommy and I have a session in 30 minutes to go thorugh the whole website journey and make the refarral mechanic clearer that all we mean is refer people to the waiting list! We will want to expand the rewards soon just need to be mindful of cost!

Re-referral structure, we’re going to think about how to make this better…

On paid marketing, any ideas on which routes are best? :joy:


Paid marketing… Not my specialism I’m affraid.

Ditto @Tom! I’d rather leave that to those with more experience in that sector as I only have limited exposure :sweat_smile:

Worth a new topic.

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It’s a shame the referral system is closed right now - as I’m due to switch over soon, this would be a great time to be singing your praises. Sometimes, though, it just needs a bit of an incentive :wink:

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