Router Admin Logon

Hi I’ve just received my router in preparation for my activation on the 16th, I’m trying to login to the router to change the wifi name and setup some port redirects but can’t figure out the password. I’ve tried
Password, (Blank), admin, password, 1234, (wifi password)

Any clues would be appreciated.


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Hi Pete

The password is the access key on the bottom of your broadband router.

Hope this helps - I can attach the router manual if you want?


Thanks, I read that on another post but thought you meant wireless key!

You might want to delete this post as it’s now duplicated.

Thanks again

Welcome To The Cuckoo Community @pete10uk !!! :smiley: :egg:

Apart from the Default Router Login Interface you can also setup the Wireless Name & Password Quickly & Simply through the Cuckoo Account Web Interface as well at when you have signed in to your account which is linked to the router.

But as @jake has advised the “Access Key” is the Admin Password for the Web Interface just leave the username as default and you should be logged in fine.

If there’s any help you need then don’t hesitate to drop a post and someone will get back to you.